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Angelo State University
Department of Psychology and Sociology

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Psychology

(120 semester credit hours)

Academic Major
Courses Hours
Psychology 2301 3
Psychology 2321, 3321, 4321 9
Psychology 2304, 2319, 3301, 3303, 3307, 4301, 4303, 4305, 4309, 4313 15
Psychology (must be advanced if needed to total 18 advanced hours in major or 36 total advanced hours) 3
Major Support Courses
Courses Hours
Biology 1306/1106, 1307/1107, 1308/1108, 1309/1109, 2323/2123, 2324/2124, or
Health Science Professions 2301/2101, 2302/2102
Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics 6
General Studies 1181 1
Core Curriculum
Courses Hours
Core Curriculum. Students should be aware that some majors specify particular courses to meet core-curriculum requirements when options are available. 42
Courses Hours
Minor (6 hours must be advanced) 18
Courses Hours
Electives (must be advanced if needed to meet the 36 advanced hour requirement) 27

Graduation Requirements for the Major

Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology or Sociology are required to successfully complete an exit exam in Psychology or Sociology in order to be eligible for graduation. Students may take this examination after completing all major requirements or in the semester immediately prior to graduation. The exam score will not affect GPA, but will be part of the student’s record.

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