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Department of Psychology and Sociology

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The Department of Psychology and Sociology

Psychology and Sociology

The Department of Psychology and Sociology explores all aspects of human thought and behavior. While psychology focuses on understanding individuals, sociology puts emphasis on groups, cultures and societies. Those pursuing careers in social work are typically interested in improving people’s quality of life and advancing social policies.

Student Success

Our educational program is delivered in a way that helps students reach their goals. Classes outline what students need to know to be successful, and students have access to on-campus resources, such as tutors and a writing lab, to help them with their studies.

Diverse Faculty

Faculty members in our department are partners with the students. The teaching and learning environment has attracted diverse faculty who hold degrees from top schools across the country. Several of our lecturers have also worked professionally in their chosen field and share their real-world experiences.

Dedicated Research Facilities

Department faculty operate four research laboratories on campus. Undergraduate and graduate students pursuing research projects are paired one-on-one with faculty members to enable them to receive the best training. The department also has simulation labs that provide students with opportunities to train and conduct advanced research under realistic conditions.

Which Plan is right for me?

We can help you decide. Contact the Department of Psychology and Sociology to discuss your options with a faculty advisor. For more information about the department, call 325-942-2068.

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