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National Capitol Building in Havana

Career Opportunities

When you graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science or philosophy from Angelo State, you can expect to possess a variety of skills necessary to succeed. You will also be prepared to explore job opportunities in multiple areas.

Marketable Skills

  • Graduates will demonstrate strong analytical and communication skills to provide students with an overall preparation for understanding the nature of government more broadly.
  • Graduates will possess high order thinking skills in order to adapt to new situations or future jobs for careers that are now just emerging.
  • Graduates will demonstrate critical writing skills in order to effective written communicators in their field.

Career Opportunities

  • Political Science
    • Business and Finance
    • Public Administration
    • International Affairs
    • Non-governmental organizations and non-profits
    • Journalism and media
    • Academic research and teaching
  • Philosophy. Philosophy can offer an indispensable foundation for the following careers
    • Education (teaching and non-teaching fields)
    • Research
    • Medicine
    • Law
    • Consulting
    • Philosophical counseling
    • Publishing
    • Management
    • Technical and professional writing
    • Seminary
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