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Physical Therapy Clinical Educators

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Physical Therapy Program of Study

  • Course Descriptions
  • Three-Year Plan

     Year 1

    1st Term Summer, 10 Weeks
    Course Class Name Credit
    PT 7710 (4-9-0) Clinical Anatomy 7
    PT 7311 (2-2-0) Clinical Exercise Physiology 3
    Total (22 hrs/wk)   10

    2nd Term Fall, 16 Weeks
    Course Class Name Credit
    PT 7320 (3-0-0) Foundation in Clinical Pathology 3
    PT 7550 (4-3-0) Fundamentals of PT Exam 5
    PT 7330 (3-1-0) Biomechanical Relationships 3
    PT 7331 (3-1-0) Motor Control and Clinical App. 3
    PT 7240 (2-0-0) Evidence Based Practice in PT 2
    Total (20 hrs/wk)   16

    3rd Term Spring, 16 Weeks
    Course Class Name Credit
    PT 7651 (3-9-0) Acute Care Management 6
    PT 7221 (2-0-0) Cardiopulmonary Pathology 2
    PT 7232 (2-0-0) Foundation for Systems Review 2
    PT 7241 (2-0-0) Clinical Research for PT 2
    PT 7322 (3-0-0) M/S Pathology 3
    Total (21 hrs/wk)   15


    Year 2

    4th Term Summer, Five weeks
    Course Class Name Credit
    PT 7260 (2-0-0) Intro to Clinical Education and Professionalism 2
    PT 7234 (2-0-0) Education and Communication for Physical Therapy 2
    PT 7152 (0-3-0) Introduction to Therapeutic Exercise 1
    PT 7212 (1-3-0) Introduction to Neuroscience Concepts 2
    Total (35 hrs/wk)   7

    5th Term Fall, 16 weeks
    Course Class Name Credit
    PT 7261 (0-0-6) Acute Care Practicum 2
    PT 7242 (2-0-0) Evidence-Based Practice Seminar I  2
    PT 7353 (1-6-0) Musculoskeletal Examination and Management I  3
    PT 7224 (2-0-0)  Neuropathology I  2
    Total (25 hrs/wk)   9

    6th Term Spring, 16 weeks
    Course Class Name Credit
    PT 7556 (3-6-0)  Musculoskeletal Examination and Management II 
    PT 7325 (3-0-0)  Neuropathology II 
    PT 7336 (3-0-0)  Management of Physical Therapy 
    PT 7235 (2-0-0)  Disability Studies 
    Total (17 hrs/wk)   13 


     Year 3

    7th Term Summer, 10 weeks
    Course Class Name Credit
    PT 7220 (2-0-0) Advanced Topics in PT (Elective) 
    PT 7233 (2-0-0) Health Care Issues for Physical Therapists


    PT 7462 (0-0-12)  Musculoskeletal Practicum 


    8th Term Fall, 16 weeks
    Course Class Name Credit
    PT 7354 (2-3-0)  Essentials of Rehab Practice 
    PT 7655 (4-6-0)  Neuromuscular Examination and Management  
    PT 7243 (2-0-0)  Evidence-Based Practice Seminar II 
    PT 7337 (3-0-0)  Operational Management for Physical Therapy 
    Total (20 hrs/wk)    14

    9th Term Spring, 16 weeks
    Course Class Name Credit
    PT 7663 (0-0-18) Neuromuscular Practicum 
    PT 7344 (3-0-0)  Evidence-Based Practice Seminar III 
    Total (20 hrs/wk)   11 


     TOTAL CREDITS: 99 (possible 101 with elective course)


  • Vision, Mission, & Curricular Philosophy


    The College will be a regional leader in the preparation of health and human service professionals. Such leadership will be distinguished by its interdisciplinary emphasis and role in defining and promoting evidence-based practice, enriching our communities through model outreach activities, and advancing science that informs policy and practice.


    The mission of the college is to educate a diverse student body from various backgrounds in the health and human service professions through rigorous curricular activities that prepare students to take leadership roles in a competitive, technological, culturally diverse and global environment, engage students and faculty in the discovery of knowledge through education, research, service, and co-curricular experiences, and extend the boundaries of Angelo State University to enrich the quality of lives, especially for individuals in undeserved and vulnerable populations, through inter-professional and community collaborations.

    Cultural Philosophy

    The profession physical therapy is an integral and essential part of the healthcare delivery system. The quality of care provided by physical therapists, to a broad spectrum of citizens of all ages and backgrounds in a variety of practice environments, has been a catalyst for the professions expanding role. The primary purpose of physical therapy is to promote, restore and maintain optimal human function. Physical therapists, as autonomous health care providers, will collaborate with other providers in the system to examine, intervene and prevent human movement dysfunction.

    The Department of Physical Therapy at Angelo State University recognizes its responsibilities as part of a teaching, research, and service institution. The challenge of discovering new knowledge complements the opportunity faculty have to prepare students who will provide compassionate and efficacious and defensible examinations, interventions and referrals to the residents of the region, state and nation. Collectively and individually, the faculty will make contributions to the scholarship, teaching and service roles that professional education at the graduate level requires.


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