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Degree Programs

Degree Programs

A bachelor’s degree in mathematics allows students to develop the problem-solving and independent thinking skills they need to be successful in just about any industry.

The Mathematics Department offers two options for bachelor’s degrees, as well as teacher certification degree plans. The degree plans have changed recently, but new students should follow these plans.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

This degree requires 24 credit hours of lab science and two credit hours of senior seminar. It does not require foreign language study.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

This degree requires eight credit hours of lab science, three credit hours of additional humanities studies and six credit hours of a foreign language. It does not require the senior seminar.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Teaching Certification

Includes a professional education minor.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with Teaching Certification

Includes a professional education minor.

Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction with a Concentration in Mathematics 

This master’s degree is designed for individuals who are currently teaching high school mathematics and want to obtain a broader understanding of mathematics. Students in our program will be exposed to many topics that are not typically taught in an undergraduate program in mathematics. These are topics that contain profound insights for the further study of mathematics.

Minor in Mathematics

This minor is particularly beneficial for science majors and others planning to pursue technological careers.

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (B.I.S.) Interdisciplinary Studies Mathematics with Secondary Teacher Certification

Degree Plans

The mathematics program offers these degree plans:

Course Descriptions

Want to take a closer look at the topics covered in the Mathematics Department? Here are the course description options:

Undergraduate Research

The Mathematics program does not require undergraduate research, but it is strongly encouraged. Participating students each work one-on-one with a faculty member and can apply for scholarships to fund their projects. For more information, contact the mathematics program.

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