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Core Values and Goals

Core Values

The faculty and staff of the Department of Kinesiology endeavor to uphold a body of core values though our actions and interactions with students, parents and other members of the ASU community. These values are:

  • People.  We value people and the dignity inherent to human existence. All people and their cultures, backgrounds, talents and points-of-view are to be valued, respected and celebrated.
  • Character and Professionalism.  We value respectfulness, honesty, integrity, humility, dependability, competence and other attributes and manifestations of strength of character and professional ethics.
  • Academic Excellence.  We value scholarship, scientific inquiry and liberal learning within and beyond the academic discipline of kinesiology.
  • Effective Communication.  We value shared information and its availability, timeliness, accuracy and tone, as well as its ability to aid in decision making, problem solving and community building.
  • Physically Active Lifestyles.  We value physical activity and its significant contribution to health and wellness throughout an individual’s lifespan.


As a graduate of the ASU Department of Kinesiology, you are able to:

  • Model the core values of the ASU Department of Kinesiology.
  • Demonstrate relevant and marketable knowledge, skills and dispositions.
  • Successfully enter the workforce and make immediate contributions.
  • Provide leadership to a dynamic workplace and society.

Commitment to Mission
and Core Values

Candidates for the Bachelor of Science in kinesiology and the Master the Science in kinesiology at Angelo State University are expected to demonstrate a commitment to the department’s mission and core values.

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