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Master of Education in Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration

Program Description

The Master of Education degree in Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration in the Department of Kinesiology is designed to fill the needs of a wide variety of students. These students may potentially come from across the array of undergraduate majors who choose to seek entry into coaching, sport, recreation and fitness administration career fields. The program is designed to:

  • Increase the knowledge and competencies of each graduate student in his/her chosen area of specialization
  • Foster a spirit of inquiry by encouraging original and independent thought.
  • Acquaint each graduate student with techniques of reading, understanding, and performing research
  • Foster intellectual, professional, and personal development through a wide range of applied courses, activities, opportunities and experiences
  • Provide developmental experiences in program design, program implementation, program promotion, and organizational communication
  • Develop professional oral and written communications skills
  • Encourage graduate students to become actively involved in their communities and professional fields

Admission Criteria

All applicants for the Master of Education degree must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university. All potential graduate students are evaluated on an individual basis. All potential graduate students must submit all related materials requested in the evaluation criteria. The evaluation criteria include the following:

  • Online Application
  • Undergraduate academic record (transcripts of all undergraduate course work)
  • A writing sample which should include three paragraphs explaining: (A) why you want to be accepted into the program; (B) what you will bring to the program; and (C) what you expect to get out of the program
  • Letter of inquiry (cover letter)
  • Three letters of recommendation (addressing character, abilities and potential)
  • A personal résumé (used to evaluate pre-professional competencies)
  • A personal interview


While interdisciplinary in nature, and accepting candidates with a variety of undergraduate academic degrees, the Master of Education program in Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration is highly applied. Thus, entering graduate students need strong foundations in several competency areas. Students lacking all or part of these recommended prerequisite competencies may still enroll in the program under provisional admission status. Students will then master these competencies, within the program curriculum by completing appropriate coursework in all deficient content areas. Admission requires adequate preparation in a minimum of 67 percent of the areas listed below. These prerequisites may be met in a number of ways, such as through academic coursework, listed experiences on a résumé and/or statements in letters of recommendation. They include:

  • Fitness or wellness related certifications
  • Human anatomy
  • Human resources
  • Communication skills
  • Management, marketing, and/or business
  • Technology and/or design (art, photography, computer utilization)
  • Leadership
  • Programming
  • Research and evaluation
  • Human performance/athletics

Note: The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is not required for admission to the coaching, sport, recreation and fitness administration master’s degree. However, those students who take the GRE should report their scores directly to the Graduate Office. It is also highly recommended for international students to take the GRE. It will be used as part of the overall evaluation process for entry into the CSRFA program.

Departmental Endorsement

Requirements for the evaluation of all prospective students for admission into the Master of Education in Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration includes:

  • Letter of inquiry (cover letter)
  • Submission of a résumé,
  • Three letters of recommendation, from professional sources qualified to evaluate the individual’s abilities and potential,
  • A written statement of purpose and goals, and
  • A personal interview with the program director, or designated program representative or committee.

Subsequent to the personal interview and a review of previously completed academic work, prospective students may be recommended for admission. Positive recommendation by the program director or departmental graduate faculty committee is required for admission. Official notification of admission (or denial of admission) will be communicated by the Graduate Studies Office. Subsequent to successful completion of any additional required course work related to competency development, the program director may consider recommending the student for complete admission. A maximum of nine hours toward the degree may be taken prior to completion of all competency development coursework.

Retention and Graduation
All coaching, sport, recreation and fitness administration graduate students will have their academic progress reviewed by a departmental faculty committee upon completion of each block of 6 semester hours of graduate coursework. At this time, any students found to be lacking in communication skills, oral or written, or other basic professionally related competencies can be assisted by faculty to improve their limitations and achieve their career goals. This could include an additional course being added to one’s degree plan requirements. Additionally, all graduate students are required to join and maintain membership, and participate, in an approved professional association during their tenure as a departmental graduate student. This will set a foundation for their total involvement in pre-professional development toward career goals by seeing professionals in action.

Comprehensive Exam

Oral exams and portfolio evaluation formats are developed and administered by the student’s comprehensive exam committee. The student’s comprehensive exam and evaluation committee is composed of a minimum of three coaching, sport, recreation and fitness administration faculty members. The student must complete the oral exam before the third week preceding the end of the desired semester of graduation. Any deficiencies identified through oral exam must be removed before the student will be recommended for graduation.

Course Information

  • Applied Research is taken by second-year grad students in their second fall semester of attendance, so their work may have the opportunity to be incorporated into the campus student research presentation program held every fall.
  • The Independent Research and Readings class may be added in any semester when an opportunity or need arises for a student to participate in an outside educational experience.
  • The Professional Project Renewal class can be offered any semester needed for students to complete their Applied Research project.
  • An appropriate Special Topics course can be designed and added for any semester.

Graduate Program

Graduate Advisor

For more information about the M.Ed. degree in Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration, contact:

Dr. Warren Simpson
Professor of Kinesiology and CSRF Graduate Advisor

Office: CHP 105A
Phone: 325-942-2173

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