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Angelo State University (ASU) is a vibrant institution of higher learning, located in the city of San Angelo, Texas, over the years it has been excellent academic programs, mature technology and supportive learning environment known. Angelo State University provides students with a comprehensive, high-quality academic programs, excellent honors program and exciting opportunity to study abroad, enabling them to further study and career success challenging to prepare.

Angelo State University is part of Texas Tech University System and obtained certification Colleges Southern Association of Colleges and Universities Committee, may be granted associate, bachelor, masters and doctorate.

University of each Faculty

Angelo State University by six colleges and 21 academic departments offer courses, including College: School of Business , College of Education , Graduate School , Literature and Arts , Nursing and Allied Health Institute and the Academy of Sciences . University offers 40 Xiang undergraduate programs , 23 graduate programs an associate degree and. Students in physics, engineering, art, language, social science, accounting, public administration, business, nearly 100 subject areas of interdisciplinary research in selected professional. In addition, Angelo State University, as well as a variety of pre-service and three-plus-two courses to choose from and offers four plus one course to enable students to obtain a bachelor’s degree in four years, then spend a year at Texas Tech University master’s degree in related fields. The school also offers a Physical Therapy doctorate .

Campus and Facilities

Angelo State University campus covers 268 acres, some of which are academic facilities and recreational facilities statewide reach optimal levels. At Angelo State University, students have access to safe and comfortable accommodation, excellent sporting facilities and the use of contact with the vibrant social life. University by student groups and a variety of extra-curricular activities provide many opportunities to develop their leadership skills for students.

Financial Aid

Angelo State University every six students have benefited from a wide range of school scholarships and financial aid programs Carr Academic Scholarship Fund is one of the largest endowments, the top prize of $ 6,000. Carl scholarship freshmen average award of $ 3300.

Angelo State University students

At Angelo State University, both in the classroom, in student groups, or in the success achieved in the sports arena, it is converted into success in life. Angelo State University graduates after leaving school to continue to develop, and some national leadership of large enterprises, and some among the Super Bowl finals, hosted some national news broadcasts, and some served as a Pulitzer Prize judges, and some in statewide political office, and for the areas where society has made tremendous contributions.

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