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Honors Student Recognition

  • National Recognition

    Harry S. Truman Foundation Scholarship 

    2013 Sean Motl

    Motl is one of only 62 Truman Scholars and one of only three in Texas chosen from a pool of 629 students in the U.S. to receive this award. He will receive a $30,000 scholarship to fund his graduate education in public service. The Truman Foundation seeks out student leaders who will become “change agents” in public service sectors.

    Thomas R. Pickering Undergraduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship

    2014 Holly Miles

    Miles has received a 2014 Thomas R. Pickering Undergraduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship, which will provide up to $40,000 per year for graduate studies, as well as summer internship opportunities and a guaranteed appointment as a Foreign Service Officer upon completion of her master’s degree.

    Fulbright Summer Institute for Young American Student Leaders

    2013 Duncan Knox

    Knox is one of just nine students from throughout the U.S. chosen for this four-week institute, themed “Slavery and the Atlantic Heritage.” He will study at Bristol University in the United Kingdom.

    U.S. Department of Defense SMART Scholarship-For-Service

    2020 Logan Drake

    This highly competitive program provides financial support and summer internships to STEM majors during their undergraduate studies. Recipients are guaranteed civilian employment at a DOD facility upon successful completion of their internship commitment and baccalaureate degree.

    Woodrow Wilson Pennsylvania Teaching Fellow  

    West Chester University, Pennsylvania

    2020 Baxter Krug, 

    This highly competitive program recruits individuals with strong backgrounds in STEM fields and prepares them to teach in high-need secondary schools. Fellows complete a master’s degree program and receive support and mentoring through a three-year commitment as a teacher in a high-need Pennsylvania public school.

    Library of Congress Junior Fellow Summer Internship Program  

    Learning and Innovation Office

    2020 Keely Shaw

    The Junior Fellows program is a 10-week paid internship designed to expose the fellows to the breadth and depth of the work that takes place at the Library of Congress. Fellows conduct research, participate in professional development seminars, and network with professionals in archival administration, museum management, and related fields.

    Venture for America Fellowship

    2017 Christian Garcia

    The fellowship gives students the opportunity to participate in a five-week training course this summer that will prepare them for the two-year business program they will be part of. The focus of the program is to have participants work with a startup company, and through this process, develop their own business plan for future business pursuits.

    Eban Tisdale Public Policy Fellowship

    2014 Maxwell Kennady

    Kennady has been selected as one of six 2014 Tisdale Fellows nationally by the Fund for American Studies.

    The Eben Tisdale Public Policy Fellowship provides students with a distinctive opportunity to explore public policy affairs of critical importance in the technology sector of the economy.

    Gilder Lehrman History Scholar Award

    2014 Joshua Logsdon

    Logsdon is one of 15 students nationwide to win the Gilder Lehrman History Scholar Award which is sponsored by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.  The award recognizes outstanding graduating college seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence, dedication to the study of American history, and a commitment to public service and community involvement.

    New York University Writers in Florence Program

    2014 Jenni deBie

    deBie traveled to Florence, Italy as one of a select group of U.S. undergraduate students to participate in the New York University Writers in Florence program.

    An English major from Texarkana, deBie studied poetry and created her own work under the mentorship of award-winning poets Dorothea Lasky, assistant professor of poetry at Columbia University’s School of the Arts, and Eileen Myles, professor emeritus of writing and literature at the University of California-San Diego.

    Pearson Student Advisory Board

    2013–2014 Maxwell Kennady

    Kennady has been selected to serve on the Pearson board for one year and will begin his tenure at the Pearson Student Leadership Summit in Boston. He is one of only 12 U.S. student leaders chosen.

    National Collegiate Honors Council

    Poster Competition

    2018 Parker Adamson, Third Place

    Natural Sciences, “Effects of Multiple Cycles of Microwave-Irradiation on Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube”

    2019 Luke Meyer, Second Place

    Education, “Ready to Engage: Helping Prepare Students for Academic Freedom”

    2017 Emily Vidal, Third Place 

    Natural Sciences, “Comparative Analysis of Linear and Nonlinear Dimension Reduction Techniques on Mass Cytometry Data

    2011 Yolanda Elias, First Place 

    Business and Computer Science Section, “The Effect of Color Space on Wavelet Image Compression”

    National Board Student Representative

    2017-2019 Parker Adamson

  • Regional Recognition

    Dennis Boe Award

    This award honors the late Dr. Dennis Boe, Director of Honors at East Central Oklahoma State University. The Great Plains Honors Council sponsors the Dennis Boe Award to showcase and reward outstanding scholarly work by the honors programs students of its member institutions.  Each year, 3 students are chosen from a competitive field of papers nominated by honors directors at member institutions.  

    2020 Cassandra Schultz: “Fictions of Masculine Identity in Beowulf.”  

    2019 Evelyn Burch: “Projecting Power: China and the US Struggle for Power in the Era of Xi and Trump”

    2018 Gabriella “Boo” Wright: “Evolution of the Keystone Species Concept and its Usefulness” 

    2017 Evelyn Burch: “Evaluating the Success of NAFTA as an Instrument of Foreign Policy”

    2017 Christian Garcia: “The Effect of Presidential Signaling on Stock Market Prices”

    2014 Sean Motl: “Memorials Without Memories”

    2013 Cassady Hossenlopp: “Detection and Identification of the Dengue Virus that Tested Positive by ELISA but Negative with Conventional RT-PCR”

    Great Plains Honors Council Poster Competition

    2018 Emily Krause: “The Death of Chiron: Finding Peace in Assisted Suicide”

    2017 Julia McDaniel: “Portrayal of Domestic Violence in Theatrical Performance”

    2017 Emily Vidal: “Comparative Analysis of Linear and Nonlinear Dimension Reduction Techniques on Mass Cytometry Data

  • Local Recognition

    Director’s Award

    The annual Director’s Award honors the student who best represents the values of Honors Program education and has excelled in academic, research, service, and social elements of the program.

    • 2020- Kate Creecy
    • 2019- Parker Adamson and Allee Nix
    • 2018- Evelyn Burch
    • 2017 - Brenna Hudson
    • 2016 - Maigan Dunlap
    • 2015 - Emily Perez
    • 2014 - Aimee Denham and Duncan Knox
    • 2013 - Sean Motl
    • 2012 - Cassady Hossenlopp
    • 2011 - Wills Register
    • 2010 - Yolanda Fay Elias
    • 2009 - Kaci Pruser
    • 2008 - Jared Bird
    • 2007 - Matthew Jackson
    • 2006 - Lori Loomis

    ASU Presidential Award Recipients

    • 2018-2019 Evelyn Burch
    • 2017-2018 Brenna Hudson
    • 2016-2017 Christian Garcia
    • 2015-2016 Katie MacLeay
    • 2014-2015 Aimee Denham
    • 2013-2014 Sean Motl
    • 2012–2013 Blake McCracken
    • 2011–2012 Yolanda Elias
    • 2010–2011 Amanda Hill
    • 2008–2009 Jason Strickland
    • 2006–2007 Kristen Truett

    ASU Distinguished Student Award Recipients


    Angele Chen, College of Science and Engineering
    Talon Shoemake, College of Arts and Humanities


    Courtney Shields, Archer College of Health and Human Services 
    Jessica Thorp, College of Arts and Humanities
    Tristan Fielder, College of Science and Engineering


    Brandi Washington, Archer College of Health and Human Services


    Duncan Knox, College of Arts and Sciences
    Tara Warren, College of Education


    Adrienna Bingham, College of Arts and Sciences
    Maxwell Kennady, College of Business


    Aeriel Elliot, College of Health and Human Services


    Anna Hall, College of Liberal and Fine Arts
    Wills Register, College of Sciences


    Joshua Tindell, College of Liberal and Fine Arts
    Christopher Stegall, College of Business


    Matthew Jackson, College of Sciences


    Lori Loomis, College of Sciences
    Calinda Shely, College of Liberal and Fine Arts

  • Mentors

    Mentors serve a vital role in Honors Program recruitment and retention efforts. Mentors assist first-year students in successfully transitioning from high school into both the ASU and the Honors Program community and provide a social support system for those students. Successful mentorship translates into a cohesive Honors Program identity, creates a culture of commitment and integrity, and allows students to develop meaningful relationships with their peers. Mentors represent the program at various university and community events, assist with recruiting efforts, and foster an honors learning community.


    2020-2021 Mentors


    Christine Foley Christine Foley

    Christine Foley

    Christine Foley is a 20 year old senior management information systems major from Coppell, Texas.  She has a dog named Ginger and makes REALLY good coffee.  She spends her free time reading, painting, and keeping up with her friends. Her favorite thing about Honors is the community and the friendships she’s made.  Christine collects quarters from different states and knows how to juggle.  If she could have dinner with any three people, living or dead, she would choose St. Mary Magdalene, John F. Kennedy, and John Lennon.


    Grace Kerestly Grace Kerestly

    Grace Kerestly

    Grace Kerestly is a 20 year old senior psychology major who grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan but has lived in Abilene for the last few years.  Her favorite book is The Perks of being a Wallflower and loved the movie Juno.  If she could travel anywhere in the world, Grace would go to New Zealand to sightsee. Grace spends her free time doing homework and hanging out with friends.  She has over thirty plants and a miniature pincher named Phoebe.


    Christi Hamilton Christi Hamilton

    Christi Hamilton

    Christi Hamilton is a 20 year old senior exercise science major from Carrolton, Texas.  She enjoys watching reality TV shows, reading a good book, or spending time with her family and friends.  If she was given $1000, she would take her family on a trip to Hawaii.  Christi also really enjoys musical theater and recently took a trip to Chicago to see Hamilton! Her favorite thing about the Honors Program is the “sense of community between all of the Honors students, and I love the amount of opportunities that are available to Honors students, like community service or summer internships!!”


    Katie Holland Katie Holland

    Katie Holland

    Katie Holland is a 19 year old sophomore biology major from Aledo, Texas. She spends her free time with friends and family playing board games and being an amazing cook. Katie’s favorite movie is Hamilton and her favorite book is 1984 by George Orwell.  If Katie could go anywhere in the world, she would snorkel the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! Her favorite thing about the Honors Program is “Meeting people with different perspectives and building relationships.”


    Jazlynn Lewis Jazlynn Lewis

    Jazlynn Lewis

    Jazlynn Lewis is a 19 year old sophomore pre-vet major from Bandera, Texas. She has two dogs, Bonnie and Precious, and two horses, Molly and Heidi. Jazlynn’s favorite book is a tie between The Hunt for the Seventh by Christine Morton-Shaw and The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen. If Jazlynn could have dinner with any three people living or dead, che would choose -Dr. Pol, Granny (her great grandmother), and Temple Grandin! Her favorite thing about the Honors Program is “Meeting new people and taking advantage of the amazing opportunities the
    program provides”




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