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The study of history remains a vital component in understanding an increasingly complex world. History explores the evolution of civilizations and the connections between past and present that provide context and meaning for understanding the events and historical forces that unfold around us today.

In ASU’s history program, students have the opportunity to study a variety of topics that range from the Middle Ages and East Asian empires to Revolutionary Europe and Latin American civilizations. U.S. history courses span the chronological and thematic spectrum from Native American origins to contemporary society, and from constitutional history to the history of sports. Geography offerings range from physical geography to world regional topics.

The Department of History is based in the Academic Building. Professors’ teaching methods are as varied as the subjects they cover. Whether relying on traditional lecture instruction, integrating modern technology or emphasizing discussion, all professors stress the presentation of accurate and current material and the development of strong reading, analytical and writing skills.

To study history is to practice the skills of research, analysis, information management and communication that are necessary to thrive in any professional career. History majors receive excellent preparation for pursuing advanced degrees in the field, or careers in public school teaching, government or public service, archival and museum work, law, the media and market research.

These are the undergraduate history degrees available at ASU:


Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in history and cover a broad range of topics and time periods.

History with Secondary Teacher Certification

This option allows graduates to teach history in middle and high schools.

History with Secondary Composite Social Studies Certification

Students take required history, geography and education courses to enable them to teach social studies in middle and high schools.

Degree Plans

The history program offers these bachelor’s degrees:



Graduation Requirement For History Majors

Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in history are required to complete a Major Field Test (MFT) in history to be eligible for graduation. Students may take this examination after completing all history requirements or in the semester immediately prior to graduation.

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