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Please use the form below to propose a signature course for review by the Faculty Course Advisory Committee. 

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2. I plan to teach in:*
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3. While the Majority of our classes will be MW 12:00 - 12:50pm , we will offer classes at two other times. Please indicate the times you are available below. Mark all for which you are available.*
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4. I am willing to teach a large section (50 students) that includes 2 Peer Mentors.*
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5. Have you taught GS 1181 before?*
If you have not taught the GS 1181 before or are making significant changes to a previous course, please complete all questions.
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6. Would you like to use your previously submitted information in 7-9? (If yes, skip to number 10).*
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10. Have you asked your immediate supervisor (Chair/Dean/Provost) to send an electronic memorandum to the Dean of the Freshman College stating you have permission to teach this course?*
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