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The English M.A. Program

About Our Program

Our English master’s degree program allows students to work toward a higher level of intellectual and professional accomplishment. Whether you are preparing for professional positions in the workforce or entrance to a Ph.D. program, we can help you reach your professional goals.

Course Requirements

  • M.A. students will complete 36 semester credit hours of graduate course work. Our program is deliberately flexible, the degree plan urging students to explore their interests and native abilities: all students must take English 6391: Bibliography and Research Methods; 6 credits of American literature; 6 credits of British literature; and 3 credits of language/composition studies. Please see our graduate course descriptions page to learn more about our course offerings.

     English M.A. Program Course Requirements
    Course Requirements Credits
    ENGL 6391: Bibliography and Research Methods 3
    ENGL 6XXX: American Literature 6
    ENGL 6XXX: British Literature 6
    ENGL 6XXX: Language/Composition Studies 3
    ENGL 6XXX: Electives 18
    Total Degree Credits 36

Examination Requirement

In addition to coursework, you must successfully complete a written examination over a prescribed reading list. You will become eligible to take the exam once you have completed 24 semester credit hours. We offer the test once on a specified date each long semester. The five-hour examination consists of three essay questions, and you must successfully respond to all three questions to qualify for graduation.

Thesis Option

Our program does not require you to write a thesis in order to graduate. However, some students choose to complete a thesis project to bolster their applications for Ph.D. programs. You may use up to six of your 18 elective credits as thesis credits, allowing you to work closely with a faculty member over two semesters to complete a thesis project.  Pursuing this option does not exempt you from successfully passing the written M.A. exam.

Program Faculty

Our graduate faculty specialize in a variety of areas within English studies, including traditional literary authors and periods as well as areas of contemporary inquiry such as magic realism, women’s studies, and technical and business writing. Please see our faculty profile page to learn more about the members of our faculty.

Program Resources and Opportunities

Course descriptions

Get more detailed information about the English Graduate Courses you will take.

apply to our program

Learn more about how to apply to the English and Modern Language Department’s graduate program by visiting our Program Admittance page.

Consider an Assistantship

Learn more about our paid graduate and teaching assistantships by visiting our Assistantships Overview page.

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For more information about the English and Modern Language Department’s graduate program, contact:

Dr. Erin Ashworth-King, Graduate Advisor
Office: A 039C
Phone: 325-486-6139

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