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Bachelor of English with Teacher Certification Portfolio Reqs

During their final semester, graduating English majors must submit a portfolio of recent work as a requirement of graduation. For students graduating in December, the portfolio is due by November 15. For students graduating in May or August, the portfolio is due by April 15.

The Department examines graduating students’ portfolios as part of its ongoing review of its program and courses.

For graduating students seeking a BA in English with Teacher Certification, the ingredients of this portfolio will include the following:

  1. The first document will include four to five essays totaling at least 30 pages in all and composed in upper division English courses taken in the Department. In addition,
    1. At least one of the essays will include the use of outside sources.
    2. At least one of the essays will have been written in a British Literature course.
    3. At least one of the essays will have been written in an American Literature course.
    4. The student, instructor, and course identity will be removed from each essay.
    5. This document will have continuous pagination noted in the top right header.
  2. The second document will be a Table of Contents document with
    1. A heading with student name, graduation month and year
    2. A list of titles with name of course and instructor for each

Prior to final submission, each graduating student will submit drafts of these two pdf documents to the Department Chair for review. Send these draft submissions to the Department Chair no later than November 1 and April 1.

Final versions of these two documents in pdf format will be emailed to the Department Chair by the due dates noted in the first paragraph above.

Contact the Department Chair via email with any questions or concerns you have about the BA in English Portfolio Requirement.

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