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Career Information for English Majors

A person trained in the discipline of English has learned to master several fundamental and vital skills: reading, writing, researching, problem solving and speaking. These skills are rare, valuable and much sought-after in the workforce. Of course, your English degree also will provide an added dimension to your life and character. Close engagement with poetry, drama, fiction and the myths of various cultures will heighten your sensitivities and sharpen your perceptions.

People with English degrees often pursue careers as journalists, copywriters, editors, teachers, publicists or marketing specialists. Some continue their education in law school or graduate school. 

In his article “What Can You Do with an English Major?,” Peter Beidler, an English professor at Lehigh University, wrote: “In the words of one former English major who entered the workforce, ‘Clearly, beyond the classroom no one cares in the least whether or not you can remember the names of Lear’s daughters. But when you encounter Regan and her sisters across the conference table from you, you should be able to recognize them, distinguish between them, and know how to deal with each of them and with their daddy in the big chair at the head of the table.’”

To learn more about careers for English majors, visit the “What Can I Do With This Major?” page of the Career Development website.

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