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Once You Arrive


  • Orientation


    Due to various flight schedules and the long distances our foreign students travel, the Center for International Studies staff does its best to assist students with checking into campus residence halls upon arrival. However, you must have applied for housing, paid the housing application fee and submitted your bacterial meningitis vaccination record prior to arrival.

    Please be prepared to stay in a hotel for the first evening of arrival if the Housing and Residential Programs Office staff is unavailable to check you into your room.

    Please Note: Proof of a bacterial meningitis vaccination is required for all new enrolling students and transfer students. Some students may have already had the vaccination, but any students who have not must get vaccinated at least 10 days prior to the first day of classes. For information about this requirement, please visit the Bacterial Meningitis web page.

  • Health Insurance
    • Health Insurance Information

      Angelo State University has a medical health insurance and evacuation/repatriation policy requirement for all international students enrolled at the university. The Center for International Studies is responsible for monitoring verification of international students’ required health insurance.

      It is your responsibility to comply with university, system and federal regulations as they relate to health insurance.

      • F-1 students are required to have medical health insurance and evacuation/repatriation coverage each semester they are registered.
      • J-1 students and their dependents are required to have medical health insurance and evacuation/repatriation at all times.

      All international students are automatically enrolled in the ASU Student Health Insurance Plan (ASU-SHIP) unless they apply for and are granted a waiver.

      Automatic enrollment in the ASU-SHIP may be waived for international students only in the following instances:

      • You are sponsored by the United States government, a foreign government recognized by the United States of America, or certain international, government-sponsored or non-governmental organizations. Waivers will be based on the government or organization guaranteeing payment of all health care expenses, including medical evacuation and repatriation. Documentation of guarantee must be presented to the Center for International Studies no later than the first day of classes each semester of enrollment.
      • You are enrolled in employer-provided group health insurance coverage, which includes medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. This includes ASU employee coverage for graduate students and full-time employees.

      To request a waiver from automatic enrollment, you must provide the Center for International Studies with details of your benefits no later than the first day of classes each semester of enrollment.

  • Student Involvement


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