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Available Programs

English Language Learners’ Institute


  • Language Immersion

    The English Language Learners’ Institute consists of six levels that progress from beginner to high-intermediate. Students spend a minimum of seven weeks at each level developing their language skills, including reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and cultural awareness.

    We offer five terms of study each year. Please see ELLI dates and cost for more information.

    Any student who has successfully completed Level 6 will be considered English proficient for Angelo State University admission and will not need to submit a TOEFL/IELTS score.

    Program Features

    • Small classes with 15 students or fewer per class
    • 20 hours of course work per week, plus self-study time
    • Professional teachers who specialize in teaching English to speakers of other languages
    • Teaching methodology that is learner-centered

    Weekly Schedules

    Levels 1–2

    • 10 hours of reading, writing, listening and speaking
    • 6 hours of grammar
    • 4 hours of pronunciation and vocabulary development

    Levels 3–5

    • 10 hours of reading and writing
    • 6 hours of listening and speaking
    • 4 hours of grammar

    Level 6

    • 10 hours of reading and writing
    • 6 hours of listening and speaking
    • 4 hours of intercultural communication
  • Bridge Program

    Our curriculum for the Bridge Program is the same as our regular classes, but it is organized differently for your convenience.

    When you reach Level 6, students accepted into the Bridge program are allowed to take the Reading/Writing course in one seven-week session during a fall or spring semester. Then, they can take Level 6 Listening/Speaking and Intercultural Communication in the following seven-week session.

    For more information, contact our office at or 325-942-2083.


  • Custom Courses

    The ELLI also offers custom programs to institutions and groups of students in the United States and overseas. We are involved in programs for local businesses with international employees and in cultural programs for international student groups.

    Contact the ELLI at or 325-942-2083 for more information about custom courses.

Not Sure Which Program Is Right For You?

Contact English Language Learners’ Institute at 325-942-2083 or for personalized assistance.

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