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High School Counselors

Welcome to Angelo State University! We are happy to have you as a dual credit counselor. The information below serves as our online Dual Credit Counselor Handbook, which contains program policies, procedures and resources.

  • Access Forms for Counselors

    Please submit the two forms below.  These forms will allow us to communicate with you about your students and give you access to our online system.

    Faculty and Counselor Information Sheet

    Banner Access Form for Counselors/Instructors

  • Course Requests

    To request a new dual credit course to be offered at your school, please complete the appropriate form below.

    Dual Credit Course Request (Taught by a Qualified High School Teacher)

    Dual Credit Online Course Request (Online Course Taught by an ASU Professor)


    High schools should make efforts to ensure students are meeting course prerequisite requirements. If circumstances exist which do not allow students to meet the prerequisite requirements, the high school principal or designee must submit a request to be reviewed by ASU to allow students to enroll in a course where the prerequisite is not met.

    Prerequisite Override Request

  • Admissions Requirements & Steps to Apply

    All admission and application information can be found on the ASU Dual Credit Website. Please refer to the signed MOU with your district, as well.

    Please make sure students have submitted an application prior to sending any required documentation needed to complete their application (i.e. their dual credit agreement form and TREX high school transcript).

    Dual Credit Enrollment Checklist


    Students not meeting admission requirements may request admission based on the recommendation of the high school principal or counselor. The school administrator’s recommendation will be submitted to the ASU Admissions Office for consideration.

    Dual Credit Recommendation Form

  • TSI Scores & Exemptions

    Students are required to meet TSI standards or exemptions in order to register for an ASU dual credit math or English course. All reports provided to high school counselors will include the current TSI status for each student. 

    TSI Eligibility for Dual Credit Enrollment 
    Test Reading Score Required* Writing Score Required* Math Score Required**


    Composite Score of 23 with at least a 19 on the English Composite Score of 23 with at least a 19 on the Math
    SAT (old SAT test) Combine reading and math score of 1070 with a minimum of 500 on the reading test Combine reading and math score of 1070 with a minimum of 500 on the math test 
    Redesigned SAT (new SAT test) Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing score of 480 or higher Minimum score of 530 on the math section
    STARR English II EOC of 4000 or higher Algebra I EOC of 4000 or higher
     TSI Assessment Test  351 or higher Essay: 5; or Essay 4 and Multiple Choice of 340 350 or higher

    *All college-level English courses require passing TSI scores in Reading and Writing
    **All college-level Math courses require passing TSI scores in Math

  • Registration Process

    Presidential Scholars Registration Process

    The Presidential Scholars program includes classes taken on the high school campus, taught by a credentialed high school teacher, or online taught by ASU faculty. Counselors are responsible for reporting registration for each student.

    Counselors at public high schools will receive an initial registration report with students eligible to register at least two (2) weeks prior to the start of the ASU term to select courses for students to be enrolled in. Once the initial registration report is completed and received by ASU, students will be registered. An updated registration report will be provided to each counselor to show who is enrolled and who is not, as well as allow the opportunity to add, drop, or switch the students from classes.

    Private high school students and home school students enrolling in an online course taught by an ASU instructor must submit a course selection sheet to the Dual Credit Office. 

    During the long semesters, the last day for a student to register for an ASU dual credit course taught by a credentialed high school teacher is the 12th class day.  The last day for a student to register for an online course taught by an ASU instructor is the 4th class day. All updated registration reports will need to be completed and received by ASU a few days before the deadline in order to make any necessary schedule changes. Students must have submitted an application at least three business days prior to the registration deadline to allow time for processing.

    Regent Scholars Registration Process

    Any student wishing to take classes on the ASU campus must submit a course selection sheet. Registration for classes on the ASU campus will open each semester based on the university calendar.   

  • Weekly Reports

    You will receive two reports to your email every Monday morning during certain times of the year:

    ADM0167- Dual Credit Application Status For Counselors: Shows students who have applied for the upcoming term. This will only show students who have submitted an application for that term. It will not show students who were admitted in previous semesters. This report will show you students who are admitted and those who have applied, but are still missing items. It will also show what items they are missing.

    • When to use this: When students are applying to ensure who has applied and been admitted, or who has applied and what items are missing.

    ADM0176-Dual Credit Students Eligible to Register: Shows all students who are admitted. These students may have been admitted in previous terms or for the upcoming term, but our records indicate that they are still an active high school student (have not graduated).

    • When to use this: When you want a full summary of all of your students who have been admitted and their TSI status. If a student does not show up on this report, they have not been admitted. If a student does not show up on this report and does not show up on the application status report (ADM0167), they HAVE NOT APPLIED.
  • Tuition Payments

    Students with a bill balance will receive notifications to their email address provided on their application.  Encourage them to check this email often.  Students may check their balance or pay the bill through Ramport.  Payments can be made online or by mailing in a check or money order. See the Dual Credit Costs website to view a payment guide with current dual credit rates, instructions on how to view/pay the bill, and payment deadlines.   

    If a student does not meet the payment deadline, the student’s schedule will be dropped for the current term.  If the student makes a payment and decides to drop after the 12th class day, ASU will follow the university refund policy.  Please make note there are refund differences between dropping a course, while remaining in other courses, and withdrawing from all courses.    

  • Dropping Classes

    Once a student is enrolled in an ASU dual credit course, they will have two (2) options to drop the course throughout the semester:

    1. Clean Drop: This can be done from the first day they are registered for the course until the end of business on the 12th ASU class day, otherwise known as Census Day (please see ASU’s University Calendar for exact date).
    2. Drop with a “W”: Beginning the day after Census Day, students will be able to drop a course with a “W” until a specific date designated for the semester (please see ASU’s University Calendar for exact date).

    If a student chooses to drop a course, a Drop Request Form must be initialed and signed by all requested parties and submitted back to the Angelo State Dual Credit Office by the respective deadlines for the term. Once the form is received, the requested drop will be processed.  Please discuss with the student and parent how dropping a course may impact the student.    

    If a student has an extenuating circumstance (i.e. severe illness, moving, etc.) and needs to drop after the deadline, complete the Special Request to Drop Form.

    Dual Credit Dropped Courses Not Included in “Six Drop Rule”

    In Texas, the “6 Drop Rule” prohibits dropping more than six classes after the Census Date. Dual credit courses are not included in the six drop rule.  

  • Grade Grievances

    The assignment of a grade in a course is the responsibility of the faculty member and is based on the professional judgment of the faculty member. Except for issues of computation, discrimination, equal treatment, or reasonable accommodation when a documented student need is present in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) guidelines, the faculty member’s grade determination is final.

    Students may formally appeal their final grade to the High School Principal. Please refer to OP 10.03 Grade Grievance for more information.

    If an error has occurred, the instructor may submit a Grade Change Request Form

  • Probation & Suspension

    Dual Credit Academic Probation

    Students are placed on academic probation at the end of any term when a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 is not attained in college-level courses. Students are not subject to academic probation until a minimum of six semester hours of ASU dual credit courses has been attempted. Students on academic probation will be allowed to enroll in the next term, but may not register for more than 6 hours of dual credit courses in that term.

    Dual credit students who enroll while they are classified as being on academic probation may continue to enroll in succeeding terms provided they achieve at least a 2.00 GPA each term, even though their cumulative GPA is still below 2.00.

    Dual Credit Academic Suspension

    Dual credit students who enroll in dual credit courses while on academic probation will be suspended from the succeeding long-term if they fail to achieve at least a 2.00 GPA in dual credit courses for that term. Students who are placed on academic suspension at the conclusion of the spring term are not eligible for enrollment in dual credit courses the following fall semester. Students who are placed on academic suspension at the conclusion of the fall term are not eligible for enrollment in dual credit courses during the following spring semester.

  • Resources to Help Your Students Succeed


    The Porter Henderson Library services include Online LibGuides. These are lists of high-quality, online and print research materials. Students can find them online, 24/7, on RamPort. Instructors may also access the library resources: Porter Henderson Library.


    Dual Credit students are encouraged to use the free online tutoring service available through Upswing. Free online support is available 24/7 for mathematics, writing, and most ASU dual credit courses: Upswing Online Tutoring.

    The ASU Writing Center is also available for dual credit students to utilize. The Writing Center website has resources to assist with writing skills, tutoring services, and reviewing assignments. Visit the Writing Center website for more information.

  • Disabilities and Accommodations

    Students can be approved for accommodations for an ASU dual credit course upon request.  Students must request accommodations through the high school and ASU for dual credit courses and will need to renew each semester a student wishes to receive accommodations in a dual credit class. 

    To request accommodations, visit our Dual Credit Disabilities Services page.

  • Advising

    An academic advisor is available to assist dual credit students with selecting their dual credit classes and determining how the courses can be applied to a bachelor’s degree plan.

    JessicaBehringer Photo of Jessica Behringer
    Dual Credit Academic Advisor


    Students should always consult with an academic advisor or counselor at their prospective college or university to determine what courses might be applicable to their major and consult with their high school counselor to ensure they are needed for high school graduation requirements.

  • Ramport / Blackboard

    Most technology services at ASU are accessible with a Technology Access Account. It will allow the instructor and/or student to access RamPort (ASU’s portal). In Ramport, instructors can view course rosters, enter grades, and check their Angelo State email account. Students can access unofficial transcripts, final alpha grades, view holds, request official transcripts and view/pay semester bills.

    With the Technology Access Account, they will be given an ASU email account (RamMail) that can be used both on and off campus through RamPort. ASU’s IT Department will provide all students and instructors with a link to access their account, updating their password before the initial login. If they misplace their username and/or password, or if they have trouble logging in to their account, please advise them to contact the IT Service Center at 325-942-2911.

    Blackboard for Course Delivery

    Blackboard Learn helps faculty manage content, personalize courses, foster collaboration, and connect with learners. Students can access content 24/7 on their mobile devices or computers making it easier than ever to manage their course loads. Dual credit instructors are able to use blackboard to post class materials, deliver quizzes, etc. Online courses taught by ASU faculty will be delivered via Blackboard.

  • Textbooks

    ASU does not provide textbooks for students or instructors. 

    ASU does not have restrictions regarding which book must be used at the high school by a credentialed teacher. The process for selecting and supplying course textbooks will be determined by the school district for courses taught at the high school.  Dual credit instructors are welcome to contact an ASU academic department for feedback or guidance on selecting a textbook or course materials.

    Textbooks for online courses will be selected by the ASU instructor.  The process for supplying students with selected textbooks is at the discretion of the high school. 

  • Student Handbook

    A University, like any community, must have regulations and/or standards by which its members abide, and procedures by which its organization functions. The standards should provide order and an atmosphere conducive to intellectual and personal development. This Student Handbook and the Code of Student Conduct contained within are intended to serve these purposes in the interest of all segments of Angelo State University.

    Angelo State University has a responsibility to maintain order within the University community and to discipline those who violate its standards, rules, and/or policies. Enrollment requires students to share this responsibility. Students agree to abide by the standards, rules, and/or policies set forth in this Student Handbook, the Undergraduate Catalog, as well as the Texas Education Code.

  • Proctor for Online Courses

    School districts must provide a proctor for online dual credit courses. Students should report to a classroom with an assigned proctor to ensure students are working on the online course. 

    Proctors are able to be granted access to monitor student progress and grades in Blackboard, ASU’s learning management system, by completing and returning the forms linked below.  

    Proctor Information Sheet

    Banner Access Form

    Approved dual credit instructors do not need to submit the forms linked in this area.  The required forms for new instructors are sufficient if also serving as a proctor.  These forms should be submitted by proctors who are not also dual credit instructors with ASU.

Important Dates:

All ASU dual credit courses must abide by the deadlines and dates according to Angelo State University’s Academic Calendar. Please make sure to schedule your syllabi accordingly; students should be informed of all deadlines and term dates.

Fall 2020 Important Dates:

Aug 17: First day of classes
Aug 20:
Instructor deadline to upload syllabus and vita
Sept 1:
Census Date - Students wanting to drop the course after this date will be assigned a grade of W for the course.
Sept 10: Instructor deadline to submit course roster verification
Nov 10 : Drop Deadline
Dec 4: Last day of classes
Dec 7: Grades Due by noon

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