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Student Employment

Work-Study Positions

If you are eligible for work-study jobs, complete the application which will be submitted it to the Department of Communication and Mass Media.


If you have advanced standing and a minimum 3.0 GPA on all major coursework and a 2.75 GPA overall, complete the Internship Contract and submit it to the Department of Communication and Mass Media.

Internship Contract

Internship Opportunities
Place Type of Job Contact
Concho Educators’ Federal Credit Union PR and Advertising Dr. June H. Smith
Rock 300 Broadcast and Advertising/PR Dr. June H. Smith or call Rock 300/ 2117 Knickerbocker Rd, 325-949-1351, ext. 33
Cox Cable TV Broadcast Leah Mangrum
KLST/KSAN TV Broadcast and Advertising Leah Mangrum
KIDY TV Broadcast Leah Mangrum
KELI FM Broadcast Leah Mangrum
KGKL AM-FM Broadcast Leah Mangrum
KIXY FM Broadcast Leah Mangrum
KKSA AM Broadcast Leah Mangrum
KJST FM (Spanish) Broadcast Leah Mangrum
KWFR FM Broadcast Leah Mangrum
KDCD FM Broadcast Leah Mangrum
KLBK-KAMC Lubbock Broadcast Leah Mangrum
VSA Radio Network Agriculture News Leah Mangrum
Sports Texas Radio Network Sports News Dr. June H. Smith
KCRN FM (Christian) PR/Advertising Dr. June H. Smith
Healthy Families of San Angelo PR/Advertising Dr. June H. Smith or call onsite contact at 325-658-2771
Lamar Outdoor Advertising PR/Advertising Gary Erwin, General Manger, 325-486-0881
Clemens Weaver Advertising Advertising Michael Anglin, Art Director, at 325-658-8008
Thrifty Nickel Advertising Stacie Squier or call 325-944-7653
Shannon Medical Center Advertising/PR  
Angelo State University, Concho Valley VISTA Placement Project Recruitment/Marketing or call 325-486-6812

Internship Report

Please complete Internship Reports for each week of your internship. 

Weekly Internship Report

Supervisor and Community Partner Evaluation Form

Students participating in a learning experience with your agency are expected to develop some levels of achievement. Please complete the Evaluation Form below. 

Internship Evaluation Form

Job Search Services

For more information about your career aspirations, visit the ASU’s Career Development Office. Whether you are looking for a summer internship or trying to prepare for a professional career, the Career Development Office have the services to help you.

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