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Curriculum and Instruction

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Angelo State University is designed entirely around the concepts of meeting students’ needs and training today’s professionals to be leaders. All graduate programs and certification plans are offered online on an eight-by-five schedule: 8 week blocks, 5 times per year.  

For more information on our online graduate degree programs and certification plans, please contact the Educator Preparation Information (EPI) Center at or call 325-942-2209.

Flexible Online Classes

Students who have full-time jobs will find that they can still fit college into their busy schedules. All of our course content for graduate students is available online through the Blackboard software program. You can get homework assignments and complete readings as well as interact with classmates and professors online.

Tech-Savvy Department

Curriculum and Instruction students also have access to the new Education Innovative Teaching Center, a classroom outfitted with the same state-of-the-art technology and equipment that teachers and administrators are likely to use when they start their careers.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

We are pleased that our online graduate degree programs in education have been nationally recognized for affordability.  The Best Colleges Online higher education resource guide recently ranked us No. 1 on the nationwide “Top 50 Affordable Online Graduate Education Programs 2017” list.  We understand the financial sacrifices our students are making to pursue an advanced degree.  Every program and every course in Curriculum and Instruction utilizes open educational resources (OER) to alleviate the burden on your budget.  Open educational resources are materials that are free, openly licensed, and used for teaching, learning, and research.  There are many benefits to utilizing OER in curriculum, primarily the financial benefit of the material being available at no cost.  Not only do our students save money by not having to purchase textbooks, but understanding and mastery of course content is deepened through increased critical thinking skills and access to the most current research available.  While our department has been integrating OER in our courses for over two years, the benefits of OER are becoming more widely recognized as the recent Texas legislative session approved SB 810, which encourages the use of OER in higher education programs.

Additional characteristics of OER include the user’s ability to retain the content. Students and teachers can download, duplicate, and save OER.  The content can be reused by individuals and groups, whether in classes, study groups, or assignments. Those who access and utilize OER have the ability to revise the content to suit their specific needs.  When students use OER, they have the freedom and flexibility to create something new by analyzing and synthesizing the OER with several sources of OER, thereby functioning at the highest levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  And, finally, OER can be redistributed to help others!  We are confident you will find the availability of OER in our programs to benefit you, academically and professionally.

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For more information, call 325-942-2209 or email us at


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  • 2019-2020 Session Dates

    Spring A:   1/13/2020 - 3/06/2020

    Spring B:   3/16/2020 - 5/08/2020

    Summer:   6/01/2020 - 7/24/2020

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