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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Facilities and Equipment

Chemistry and biochemistry rely on quality equipment and instrumentation. ASU students get hands-on learning with advanced technology as well as access to SciFinder, a chemical article-searching service that supplements research. Students learn how to use SciFinder when they take CHEM 4181: Seminar in Chemistry.

We are dedicated to keeping our department equipment up-to-date so that our students receive the best, most current instruction possible. Here is a list of some of the department’s scientific equipment:

  • Eight computers for molecular modeling and course instruction
  • Electrochemistry apparatus
  • Teaching spectrophotometers
  • Biochemical-grade spectrophotometer
  • Fiber optic spectrophotometer
  • Varian Saturn 2100T GC/MS
  • Varian 200 MHz NMR spectrometer
  • Instruction-grade spectrometers
  • Cary UV/Vis/NIR spectrometer
  • Genesys 2 spectrometer
  • Cell/tissue culture incubator
  • Sonicator
  • Cell/tissue culture hood
  • HP GC/MS capability
  • Clean Room for RNA work
  • PTI fluorescence spectrometer
  • High-speed centrifuge
  • BAS electroanalytical system
  • Shaking water bath
  • Incubators
  • Dry Box for anhydrous and air-sensitive synthesis
  • Dual Gradient HPLC system with UV-Vis and fluorometer detectors
  • SpeedVac
  • Nicolet FTIR spectrometer
  • X-ray fluorimeter
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer
  • Flame/graphite furnace
  • Fiber optic spectrometer (Ocean Optics brand)
  • Revco ultra-low temperature freezer
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