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Texas Ed Legislation

Texas 83rd Legislative Session- Bill Summaries

83rd Summary

HB 642 (Effective: 9/1/13)

  • CPE required every 5 years must include specific topics for three different classes of educators: classroom teachers, principals and counselors.

HB 1752 (Effective: 9/1/13)

  • Commissioner of Higher Education shall establish a residency program that will provide teacher preparation and a masters degree to applicants admitted on the basis of competitive admission requirements.

HB 2012 (Effective: 9/1/13)

  • SBEC must propose rules requiring Educator Preparation Programs (EPP’s) to provide information regarding required educator skills, supply and demand, EPP’s performance over time, and the educator evaluation process.
  • Directs SBEC to propose new rules for minimum EPP admission standards, including GPA requirement of as high as 2.75 but kept the 10% rule.
  • SBEC shall set passing scores for certification tests; generalist exam must require passing score on each core subject.
  • SBEC may not require more than 45 day waiting period before certification tests are retaken.
  • TEA, SBEC and THECB shall conduct joint review of educator preparation and admission standards.

HB 2318 (Effective: Immediate)

  • SBEC consults with higher ed faculty, teachers, and others to develop and carry out a process for reviewing and updating standards and requirements for Educator Preparation Programs.

HB 3573 (Effective: Immediate)

  • Specifies requirements SBEC can set for Health Science Technology (HST) certification.  Holder of Technology Applications certification must be authorized to teach principles of art, audio/video technology, and communications and principles of information technology.

HB 3793 (Signed)

  • Provides that an educator may fulfill up to 12 hours of required CPE by participating in a mental health first aid training program.

SB 460 (Effective: 9/1/13)

  • Requires EPP training in the detection of students with mental or emotional disorders and in intervention strategies for dealing with such students.

SB 715 (Effective: Immediate)

  • Clarifies the distinction (here and in many other TEC sections) between a school counselor, who must be certified, and a licensed professional counselor, who must have a professional license.
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