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Teacher Education Council

Purpose:  The Teacher Education Council advises the Dean of the College of Education concerning matter of curriculum that leads to certification.  Faculty and staff responsible for certification programs meet at a minimum biannually to discuss curriculum, state rules governing certification, changes to certification programs and review accountability measures. 

Committee Members: Chair, Scarlet Clouse

  • Jason Pierce, Department of History
  • Herman Otis Howard, Department of Communication and Mass Media
  • Kimberly Dickerson, Department of Teacher Education
  • Michael Dixon, Department of Biology
  • Erin Ashworth-KIng, Department of English and Modern Languages
  • Chris Stewart, Department of Visual and Performing Arts
  • Chase Runyan, Department of Agriculture
  • Karl Havlak, Department of Mathematics
  • Kim Livengood, Department of Curriculum & Instruction
  • Donald Topliff, Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Paul Swets, College of Science and Engineering
  • John Klingemann, College of Arts and Humanities
  • Rosalinda Castro, Registrar
  • Wendy Sklenarik, EPI Center, Director of Educator Support Services

Fall 2019

Fall 2016

Fall 2015

Summer 2014

Teacher Education Council Subcommittees

Admission, Retention, Dismissal and Disposition Subcommittee

Purpose:  The committee is responsible for monitoring candidate requirements regarding certification.  Candidates’ actions are reviewed and suitability for teaching is determined with respect to degree requirements, admission to the educator preparation program, candidates’ dispositions, and adherence to ethical guidelines. 

  • Kimberly Dickerson, Chair, College of Education
  • Karl Havlak, Department of Mathematics
  • Erin Ashworth-King, Department of English and Modern Languages
  • Christine Purkiss, College of Education
  • Carlos Flores, College of Education

Appeals Subcommittee

Purpose:  Committee receives candidates’ appeals when action is taken by the Admission, Retention, Dismissal, and Dispositions committee.

  • Kim Livengood, Chair, College of Education
  • Russel Wilke, Department of Biology
  • Jason Pierce, Department of History
  • Marvla Solomon, College of Education
  • Chris Stewart, Department of Visual and Performing Arts
  • Wendy Sklenarik, EPI Center
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