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August 2015


CAEP 2015-2016 (Standards)
  1. CAEP Coordinator
  2. Standards 1 to 4
  3. Standards 5- Dean’s Committee
  4. Oversight Committee
College Committees
  1. College Tenure and Promotion Committee- Elected (OP states rules)
  2. Educator Preparation Advisory Committee- Required by TEA
  3. Curriculum Committee- Appointed by the Dean
  4. Awards Committee- Voluntary (To recognize staff, faculty and candidates accomplishments
  5. Scholarship Committee- Voluntary (To nominate candidates for College Scholarships)
  6. Teacher Education Council- Department Chairs that have certification programs
  7. EPI Center- Advisory Committee for EPI Center
EPI Center
  • Wendy Storms, Director of the EPI Center (Traffic Report)
  • Meagan Word, Undergraduate Advisor (Semester Comparisons)
  • Daniel Martinez, Graduate Advisor
  • Tia Agan, Field Experience Advisor
  • Christine Pruitt, Certification Advisor
Orientation Initiatives- New faculty meeting throughout the semester
Modified InTASC
TExES Standards
  1. TEA
  2. Title II
  3. AACTE
  4. CAEP
  5. SACS
Remediation of Candidates
TExES Action Plan
Newsletter- Need new editor(s)
Journal- Need new editor(s)
Student Survey Pilot
TExES Practice Tests
Required non course based training
  1. Dyslexia
  2. Mental Health
  3. Suicide
  4. Addiction
  5. Ethics


7:45-8:30 Breakfast in CARR 192

8:30-12:00 College Meeting CARR 124

Afternoon- Departmental Meetings (Location TBD)

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