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Mission Statement

The Norris-Vincent College of Business provides a high quality academic environment designed to help our undergraduate and graduate students – many of whom are first generation students and come from diverse backgrounds in West Texas – to acquire the skills and experiences needed to become successful and ethical professionals who can compete in a dynamic global environment. We are dedicated to engage with, and have a positive impact on, our diverse student body and the business community, through innovative teaching and both scholarly and professional activities.

To accomplish our mission, we seek to recruit and retain faculty members who have a passion for excellence and innovation in the classroom. Our business faculty maintain currency in their teaching disciplines through scholarly research that leads to peer-reviewed intellectual contributions, or through active engagement in the practice of business in the local and regional community. Our primary emphasis is on applied scholarship or teaching and learning scholarship, which are intended to impact the practice or teaching of business. We have a secondary emphasis on basic, or discipline-based scholarship, which impacts the theory of business. Our faculty is also actively involved in service roles for scholarly and professional organizations in their disciplines.

Vision Statement

We aspire to have a significant positive impact on the lives of our students and on the business community in the Concho Valley region.

Our Core Values

Appreciation for Diversity

We embrace and appreciate the value of diversity in an organization, believing that diversity is a strength that should be welcomed and encouraged in the workplace. We recognize that diversity is a key feature of the global business environment, which embodies a wide array of cultural differences.

Ethical Behavior

We seek to promote the highest level of ethical standards among our students, faculty, administrators and professional staff. This value is expressed in the Norris-Vincent College of Business Code of Ethics:

Students, faculty, administrators and professional staff of the Norris-Vincent College of Business should always:

  • Be forthright and truthful in dealings with all stakeholders
  • Take responsibility for one’s actions and decisions
  • Serve as an example of ethical decision-making and behavior to others
  • Admit errors when they occur, without trying to conceal them
  • Respect the basic dignity of others by treating them as one would wish to be treated

Academic Engagement

We support and encourage the education of our students by a faculty which is actively engaged in scholarship focused on business and management. We also seek to promote a collegiate environment characterized by positive interaction and engagement among our students, faculty, administrators, professional staff and business practitioners.

Social Responsibility

We acknowledge and support the corporate responsibility of business to consider the impact of its activities on the society and environment in which it operates, particularly the issue of sustainability.


We are committed to excellence by demonstrating leadership in the College and University, leveraging our resources, and engaging in continuous improvement.

ASU Norris-Vincent College of Business Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Goal 1: Provide students with high quality academic programs

Strategy 1.1: Provide quality learning experiences for our students inside and outside the classroom

Strategy 1.2: Recruit and retain a high quality, diverse faculty that maintains currency in their teaching fields

Goal 2: Support students to increase their chances for success before and after graduation

Strategy 2.1: Recruit and retain a strong student body

Strategy 2.2: Assist students with the development of professional career skills and facilitate job placement

Strategy 2.3: Build strong relationships with COB alumni and all other stakeholders

Goal 3: Increase academic engagement of the faculty

Strategy 3.1: Produce a broad portfolio of quality peer-reviewed intellectual contributions, with an emphasis on teaching/learning scholarship and applied/integrative scholarship

Strategy 3.2: Increase faculty engagement with other faculty and students

Goal 4: Increase professional engagement with the business community

Strategy 4.1: Produce a broad portfolio of professional engagement activities

Strategy 4.2: Support SBDC staff efforts to promote economic development in their ten-county service region across the Concho Valley

Goal 5: Promote academic and professional engagement with the local military community, including both active duty military and veterans

Strategy 5.1: Enhance COB relationship with the local military community stationed at Goodfellow AFB

Strategy 5.2: Promote business education to local active duty military and veterans

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