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Graduate Degree Programs

The ASU Department of Biology has graduate programs that offer research opportunities in a broad array of subject areas. In addition to laboratory facilities, students have access to the Angelo State Natural History Collections research and teaching resources.

Opportunities for field-oriented graduate research are enhanced by San Angelo’s location in an ecotone between several biotic provinces.

Thesis and non-thesis options are available for both of these graduate programs:

Students interested in the biology graduate program should first contact the College of Graduate Studies and Research for admission to the university. The Graduate Studies Office will provide application materials for admission to the Biology Department.

Financial Assistance

Financial support for graduate students is available through:

More Information

To learn more about the Biology Department graduate programs, contact graduate advisor Dr. Loren Ammerman, a member of the biology graduate faculty.

You can also read this information about choosing a graduate school that outlines what you need to know before you apply.

Graduate students are encouraged to look at this list of graduate faculty to find a professor who has similar research interests.

Graduate Faculty
Graduate Faculty Member Primary Field(s) Specific Research Interests
Dr. Bonnie B. Amos Botany Phytogeography of Texas endemics, pollination ecology/reproductive biology, seed ecology
Dr. Loren K. Ammerman Molecular Systematics, Bat Biology Molecular systematics, distributions, community structure, and ecology of bat species
Dr. Michael T. Dixon Herpetology  
Dr. Robert C. Dowler Mammalogy, Museum Science Conservation biology/ecology of skunks, systematics of rodents
Dr. Laurel E. Fohn Genetics, Physiology, Developmental Biology Genetic and hormonal changes in fish and fly models impacting reproductive and neurologic development and physiology
Dr. Connie Heimann Science Education Student behavior and group composition in educational settings
Dr. Greg Krukonis Virology  
Dr. Nicholas J. Negovetich Parasitology, Ecology  
Dr. Ben R. Skipper Ornithology, Behavioral Ecology Life histories of Neotropical migrants, song dialects, anti-predatory defenses
Dr. Ned E. Strenth Invertebrate Zoology Freshwater crustaceans and land snails of Texas and northern Mexico
Dr. Russell Wilke Science Education Post-secondary science education (active and inquiry learning), avian behavioral ecology
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