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Mere MortalsAntonio De La Cruz, Dak Jones, Corbin Stevens

Career Opportunities

When you graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theatre from Angelo State, you can expect to possess a variety of skills necessary to succeed. You will also be prepared to explore job opportunities in multiple areas.

Marketable Skills

  • Graduates will demonstrate strong presentation and acting skills.
  • Graduates will posses organizational skills necessary to succeed in working within an organization.
  • Graduates will have the collaborative experience in working effectively with others in a team setting.
  • Graduates will posses critical thinking skills in order to solve problems effectively.
  • Graduates Listening, observation, concentration and communication skills.
  • Graduate will be able to express themselves creatively through acting, directing and design.
  • Graduates will gain skills in sound, lighting, costuming, makeup technicians and design techniques.
  • Graduates will demonstrate problem solving skills.
  • Graduates will gain the leadership skills necessary to grow within their organization.
  • Graduates will possess research knowledge and experience.
  • Graduates will develop fundamental analytic and abstract thinking skills
  • Graduate will demonstrate Dramaturge skills and have the ability to work effectively with writers and editors throughout the industry.

Career Opportunities

  • Dramatic artist
  • Press agent
  • Stage manager
  • Theatre instructor
  • Public relations specialist
  • Playwright and screenwriter
  • Director
  • Educator
  • Actor
  • Technician – electrician, sound operator, costumer/wardrobe manager, properties manager, projectionist, makeup artist
  • Designers in all above areas
  • Promotions and public relations
  • Arts management
  • Dramaturg
  • Drama therapy – advanced study required
  • Amusement park talent and management
  • Voice over
  • Community organizations
  • Fundraising firms Television/radio/film
  • Production companies
  • Theatres touring companies
  • Arts councils
  • Performing arts organizations
  • Libraries
  • Cruise lines
  • Film companies
  • Entertainment law firms
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