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Faculty and Staff


Teaching Adjunct Faculty


Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Todd R. Callaway

USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Food and Feed Safety Research Unit, Southern Plains Agriculture Research Center (Research Microbiologist)

Dr. William E. Pinchak

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station (Range Animal Nutrition)

Dr. Markus F. Miller

Texas Tech University (Meat Science, Food Processing and Preservation)

Dr. Leslie D. Thompson

Texas Tech University (Food Science and Safety)

Dr. John Walker

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station (Ruminant Foraging Behavior)

Dr. Travis R. Whitney

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station (Ruminant Nutrition)

Retired Faculty and Staff

Dr. Gil R. Engdahl

Professor Emeritus of Animal Science (Ruminant Nutrition)

Dr. Warren L. Griffin

Retired Professor of Animal Science (Meat Science) (Deceased)

Dr. G. Leon Holland

Professor Emeritus of Animal Science (Computer Applications in Agriculture) (Deceased)

Mr. Clayton S. McCown

Retired Coordinator of Research

Dr. Donald R. Shelby

Professor Emeritus of Animal Science (Animal Genetics and Reproduction)

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