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Undergraduate Degree Programs

ASU’s Agriculture Department offers five undergraduate degree plans to fit any student interested in production agriculture.

Although students choose their own degree plans, they are not just trained in one discipline. Students get an integrated education that covers all aspects of agriculture from conception to consumption.

The curriculum also is not limited to the classroom. Most labs are held at the Management, Instruction and Research (MIR) Center, which supplies students with hands-on learning experiences. Lab classes have all the necessary equipment to mimic what is used in the industry.

The following degree plans are available:

Bachelor of Science in Animal Science

Students interested in production agriculture or animal husbandry may select this degree plan. The curriculum covers everything from animal anatomy and reproduction to nutrition and animal behavior. Graduates of this degree plan can progress to veterinary school or get government jobs, including extension agent positions.

Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management

This degree plan is for students interested in range or wildlife management with a focus typically on plants. The curriculum covers ecology and plant management, among other subjects. Students can become wildlife biologists or get jobs with Texas Parks and Wildlife, the Natural Resources Conservation Service or cooperative extension system offices.

Bachelor of Science in Food Animal Science and Marketing

This degree incorporates several vital disciplines identified by industry leaders for successful and rewarding careers in the animal, meat and food science industries. Students graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in food animal science and marketing will be able to meet the varying demands of the animal, meat and food science industries with special focus on the production of meat animals, products and subsequent marketing.

Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness

Agribusiness majors enroll in an integrated curriculum that provides knowledge in agricultural economics, animal science and business. This degree program unites core courses from agricultural economics and animal science with business courses in accounting, economics and business law to provide a strong foundation for careers in agribusiness. Employment opportunities include jobs with farms, in sales, with processing firms, and with wholesalers and retailers of food and fiber products.

Integrated Agribusiness (B.S.)/Business Administration (M.B.A.)

This degree plan is for students interested in earning both a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Business Administration. Student are awarded the B.S. in Agribusiness and the M.B.A. in Business Administration simultaneously at the completion of the program. Students admitted into this program are expected to complete the program within five years. Graduates can pursue careers at the executive level in the public or private sectors.

Agricultural Science and Leadership

Students enrolled in the Agricultural Science and Leadership degree program receive a broad understanding of agriculture. They take classes in agricultural science, animal science, range and wildlife management, agricultural economics and education. The ag science and education classes will prepare students to take the exam for certification in agricultural science to become an effective ag science teacher in Texas high schools.

Degree Plans

The Agriculture Department offers bachelor’s degrees in these areas:

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Interested in becoming a veterinarian? The Agriculture Department offers a sequence of pre-veterinary medicine courses to help students prepare for veterinary school. It is recommended that pre-veterinary students major in animal science.


Want to get an idea of what the curriculum for your agriculture courses includes? Check out the course descriptions.

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