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Winter Mini-Session

New year, new opportunities.

Start 2021 off by getting ahead. We’re excited to offer a Winter Mini-Session for the first time ever to help keep you on track with your coursework.

  • Three-week term
  • All classes are 100% online
  • Classes begin on Jan. 4 and end Jan. 22
  • Maximum enrollment is one course
  • Eligible students:
    • Current Angelo State students
    • Freshmen and transfer students admitted for Spring 2021 semester
    • Transient students (students enrolled as a degree-seeking student at another college or university, but would like to earn credit at Angelo State University)

Course Offerings

BCIS 1305 Business Computer Applications
ACCT 2301 Principles of Accounting I - Financial
ACCT 2302 Principles of Accounting II - Managerial
BUSI 2301 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
ECON 2301 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 2302 Principles of Microeconomics
FINC 3361 Financial Management
BUSI 1301 Introduction to Business
MGMT 2331 Applied Business Statistics
MGMT 3301 Principles of Management
MGMT 3311 International Business
MGMT 3343 Management Information Systems
MGMT 3305 Production and Operations Management
MGMT 3303 Human Resource Management
MGMT 3361 Project Management
MGMT 3332 Data Analytics
MKTG 3321 Marketing

ARTS 1301 Introduction to Art
ENGL 1302 Writing Across the Curriculum
HIST 1301 History of the United States to 1865
HIST 1302 History of the United States, 1865 to Present
POLS 2306 Texas Government
CUL 2323 World Cultures
COMM 1315 Public Speaking
COMM 3352 Communication in Professional Life
SPAN 1301 Spanish I

AGEC 2317 Introductory Agricultural Economics and Business
AGSC 4304 Methods of Teaching Agriscience in the Secondary School
ASCI 1309 Technology in Agriculture and the Sciences
BIOL 1308/1108 Human Biology and Human Biology Laboratory
BIOL 2323/2123 Human Anatomy and Human Anatomy Laboratory
BIOL 3301 Genetics
BIOL 3413 Immunology
BIOL 6181 Seminar
CHEM 1311/1111 General Chemistry I and General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 3451 Organic Chemistry
CS 1336 Computer Science I
MATH 1332 Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics
MATH 3321 Statistics

KIN 4380 Sport and Exercise Nutrition
KIN 4302 Sport Leadership & Ethics
PT 7220 Advanced Topics in Physical Therapy

Your Next Steps

Current Angelo State students

Contact your advisor to determine what course you should take.

New Students

Apply Now. Apply Texas application and all admission documents must be received and ready for a decision by Dec. 7. When applying, select Spring 2021 and then select that you are interested in the Winter Mini-Session.

Cost and Financial Aid

The cost of a Winter Mini-Session class will be included in the charges for your full 2021 spring semester registration. Use the Tuition Estimator to determine your total 2021 spring semester charges by adding the credits for your online Winter Mini-Session class to the credits for the other classes you will take during the regular spring semester.

Because the cost of a Winter Mini-Session class will be included in your spring semester bill, you will not be billed separately for the Winter Mini-Session class. Spring semester bills for all charges related to either the Winter Mini-Session or regular spring semester classes will be available on RamPort beginning Jan. 5. The payment deadline will be 5 p.m. on Jan. 21, 2021.

Yes. Since a Winter Mini-Session class will be considered part of your full spring semester registration, your financial aid award for the spring semester will be based on the total number of credits you register for during the full spring semester, which includes any Winter Mini-Session credits.

Please note that only degree seeking students are eligible for financial aid. Transient students are not eligible for Angelo State financial aid.

No, spring financial aid will still be disbursed based on the start of the regular spring semester, which is Jan. 25. Spring disbursement of financial aid will begin on Jan. 16, and refunds will be issued to students the week prior to the start of the semester, as per usual.

Students can request an Emergency Book Loan through student accounts. However, book loan funds will not be available on the 1st class day of the Winter Mini-session, because they will be processed via Bank Mobile and sent to the student using the refund preference the student selected (either ASU OneCard or direct deposit to the student’s bank account).


The 2021 Winter Mini-Session is a three-week mini-session that will begin on Jan. 4, and end on Jan. 22. All sections offered during the Winter Mini-Session will be delivered in a 100% online format.

All Winter Mini-Session classes can be found above, or in the Spring Semester Schedule of Classes on RamPort. Look for classes that run from 1/4/2021-1/22/2021.

Because it is only three weeks long, you can only take one class during the Winter Mini-Session.

No. Winter mini-session courses are not available to dual credit students due to the fast pace of the course and the overlap of high school courses beginning before the ASU course will have ended.

The last day to register for a Winter Mini-Session class will be Monday, Jan. 4 (the first class day).

The last day to drop a Winter Mini-Session class will be Jan. 15.

Final exams for the Winter Mini-Session classes will be held on Friday, Jan. 22.

All Winter Mini-Session classes will be delivered 100% online, so you will not be required to be on campus to complete your course. However, any students living in on-campus housing during the fall and spring semester can stay in their room during the Winter Mini-Session at no additional cost.

Limited dining options will be available during this time, also at no additional cost.

New students entering Angelo State for the spring semester who want to take a Winter Mini-Session class and plan to live on-campus should contact the Housing and Residential Programs Office for additional details on the availability of housing and dining options during the Winter Mini-Session.

Your annual Satisfactory Academic Progress will be reviewed after the completion of the full spring semester in May 2021. The Winter Mini-session class you take will be included with your other spring semester classes and used to calculate your semester and institutional GPA and completion rate at that time. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Your academic standing will not be updated until the end of Spring term, and will be based on all courses you attempted during the full spring semester, including any Winter Mini-Session classes. However, the grade you earn for a Winter Mini-Session class will show up on your transcript shortly after the end of the Winter Mini-Session.

For more information:

If you are a current student, contact your advisor. New students should contact the Office of Admissions by calling 325-942-2041 or emailing

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