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Surviving College Stress

Surviving College Stress is an introductory course in stress management with an emphasis on healthy lifestyle behaviors. College students are considered the most stressed population in the US. The combination of classwork, tuition, time management issues, relationship problems and the added pressure to succeed can be overwhelming. This high level of stress has been tied to poor health outcomes. Students often know that they are stressed, but do not understand how to deal with it properly. This course will help students recognize the effects of stress on all the dimensions of health. Students will recognize and evaluate the individual’s role in the management of their own stress. They will learn to identify foods and eating patterns that may induce stress and how physical fitness can help prevent stress. Students will recognize the role of positive thinking and the importance of sleep when it comes to stress management. Upon completion of this course, students will identify their perceived stressors, recognize the symptoms of stress, and evaluate their reactions when stressed. Students will be introduced to a myriad of stress management techniques including effective communication in relationships, time management, coping strategies, and relaxation techniques. Specific topics include occupational stress, family stress, stress-related illnesses and conditions, meditation, conflict resolution, and the concept of self-esteem.


F 17


TR 3:30-4:20


Jay Brown


Health Science Professions
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