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Introduction to ECP

What does it take to create an engaging, effective course? The Exemplary Course Program, with its peer and expert review processes, can provide valuable insights.

The Blackboard Exemplary Course Program, also known as ECP, is designed to recognize course creators whose courses demonstrate best practices for online teaching in four major areas. The following video by Dr. Kimberly Livengood in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction gives an overview of the ECP:


The rubric addresses four main areas including Course Design, Interaction and Collaboration, Assessment, and Learner Support.

Course design considers the overall structure of the course, learning objectives, organization of the content, and instructional strategies.

Interaction and collaboration focuses on the communication that can occur between and among students and instructors.

Assessment examines the activities designed to measure students’ progress toward mastering the objectives and provide feedback.

Learner Support addresses available student services such as technical accessibility issue and accommodations for disabilities.

Blackboard ECP Rubric

Review Process

The review process includes three mains steps:

  1. Use rubric for a self review of your own course
  2. Share your course and the rubric to have an outside person to review the course based on the rubric
  3. Submit the course to the ECP for an official review to consider the course for the Exemplary Course Award

Resources Available

Blackboard provides several resources on their website:

  • Reviewer information
  • Past winners
  • Course Tools
  • Hints & Tips
  • FAQ’s
  • Examples

The Texas Blackboard Users Group, also known as TBUG, hosted their annual conference in San Antonio on October 2018.

Attendees participated in the ECP workshop which is recommended for instructional designers or higher education faculty.

To learn more about upcoming conferences, please visit the TBUG website.

To learn more about the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program, visit the Exemplary Course Program website.

Please feel free to view and download the full Blackboard ECP Rubric.

For further assistance with your Blackboard courses, please contact the eLearning Center at the information below or visit the Technology Knowledge Portal.
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