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Final Grades

Final Grade Submission in Blackboard

To create a consistent experience for students, we have implemented a new tool in your Blackboard. This tool will allow faculty to push final grades directly from their Blackboard Grade Center into Banner. Therefore, students will see their final grades in their courses, as well as in RamPort.

Final Grade Submission in Ramport

Entering final grades through Ramport is still available. Login to RamPort, navigate to the Faculty Services or Advising tab, select Final Grades, select the appropriate term and course, and input final grades one at a time.

For instructions, please visit the Dual Credit Website, or view the following handout:

Important Dates

Be sure to check for Important Dates on the Academic Calendar. If you have questions about when to submit your final grades, please contact the ASU Dual Credit office. 

Final Grade Submission in Blackboard

Modified the Grade Center

The first step in submitting your final grades is to modify your grade center accordingly. Make sure you have done the following to have a successful submission.

Designate a Final Grade Column

In the Blackboard Grade Center, you should have a total, weighted total, or regular column for your final grades. This column should have the final grades entered.

Set as External Grade Column

After you have entered your final grades in the column of your choice, make the column your External Grade column. To do this, simply click the drop-down arrow next to the title, and choose “Set as External Grade.”

Modify Primary Display

Your final grades column in the Grade Center should show a primary display as “Score.” If this is not true, click the drop-down arrow next to the title of the column, and choose “Edit Column Information.” Then, choose “Score” for Primary Display.

Populated Final Grades

Once you have your Blackboard Grade Center set up correctly, you may now begin to populate and submit your final grades.

  1. Expand Course Tools
  2. Click Final Grades
  3. Click Final Grades on the ribbon
  4. Populate the final grades by selecting “Final Grade” from the drop down menu

Entered Last Date of Attendance

If any student received the final grade of an “F,” a last date of attendance must be entered in the appropriate column.

Confirmed Success

Clicking submit will submit your final grades into Banner. A green confirmation bar will appear on the final grades page once it has processed. Please make sure to stay on the page until this green bar appears. Optionally, you may confirm grades have gone through in Ramport after the following times:

  • 8:00 am
  • 12 noon
  • 2:00 pm
  • 5:00 pm
  • 10:00 pm

For more information on submitting final grades through Blackboard, please view the eLearning Center’s website for Submitting Final Grades.

Users should contact the Director of Disability Services for any questions about Accessibility.

For further assistance with your Blackboard courses, please contact the eLearning Center at the information below:

If you need assistance with changing your ASU password, or for any other technical assistance, please contact the IT Service Center at 325-942-2911.

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