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CV and Syllabus

CV and Syllabus Template

The following templates may be used to create your Curriculum Vitae and Syllabi:

Syllabus Template

Syllabus Statements

Every syllabus at ASU is required to include these syllabus statements per our university O.P. View the PDF below to ensure you have included these statements in your syllabi.

University O.P. Regulations

The university’s O.P. has several regulations for a syllabus. Make sure to read these sections of the O.P. before uploading your syllabus to your courses:

Faculty Responsibilities and Duties: OP 06.14 (Sections 1, e & Section 1, f, 1)

  • “The faculty member has a responsibility to strive to maintain those skills and values that ensure the continuation of free and open inquiry. Specifically, within the first week of the semester, faculty members must provide access to a course syllabus that includes:
    1. The course outline, including each major assignment and examination
    2. Any required or recommended reading
    3. The expected learning outcomes form the course
    4. The methods of assessing those outcomes
    5. The criteria for grade determination
    6. The date and time of the final examination (See OP 10.10)
    7. Office hours and/or hours of outside-of-class contact”
  • “Additionally, the faculty member should:
    1. Include the course syllabus statements on university policy concerning academic honesty (University Honor Code), reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities (OP 10.15) and student absence for observance of a religious holy day (OP 10.19)”

Providing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: OP 10.15 (Section 3, b)

  • “Faculty members will include in each course syllabus a statement directing students to
    the Office of Student Affairs to initiate a request for accommodation. Faculty members are not authorized to provide accommodation for a student’s disability needs without approval from the Office of Student Affairs.”

Distance Education: OP 4.11 (Section 7, g)

  • “Faculty are responsible for informing students about technical skill prerequisites and required hardware, software, and supplemental materials necessary for course participation in the catalog description or syllabus.”

For a full list of Operating Policies and Procedures, visit the Policy and Procedure Website.

How to Upload your CV and Syllabus

Watch this video or review our handout on how to correctly upload your CV and Syllabus, as well as converting a Microsoft Word document to a PDF.

Printer-friendly handout

Converted to PDF

House Bill 2504 requires all CV and Syllabi to be in PDF format. To make your documents accessible, follow these steps:

  1. Open your document in Microsoft Word
  2. Click “File,” located on the upper left hand corner
  3. Click “Export”
  4. Click “Create PDF/XPS” and save to a desired location

For more help on converting into a PDF, watch the video in the Get Started tab, or visit the eLearning Website for CV and Syllabus.

Made it Accessible

Make sure your CV and Syllabi are accessible before loading into Blackboard. This means all headings must be tagged, as well as any images or tables. If you have an image or table, make sure they are captioned properly, as well.

Formatting Microsoft Word for Accessibility

Creating Accessible PDF documents

Included Necessary Statements

Every syllabus at ASU is required to include these syllabus statements per our university O.P. View the PDF below to ensure you have included these statements in your syllabi.

Users should contact the Director of Disability Services for any questions about Accessibility.

For further assistance with your Blackboard courses, please contact the eLearning Center at the information below:

If you need assistance with changing your ASU password, or for any other technical assistance, please contact the IT Service Center at 325-942-2911.

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