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Dr. Micheal Salisbury


College of Graduate Studies and Research

Dean of Freshman College/Professor/Director of 1st Year Experience/Interim Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
  • Ph.D. (1999) Reproductive Physiology, New Mexico State University
  • M.S. (1996) Animal Science, Angelo State University
  • B.S. (1994) Animal Science, Angelo State University

Wool and mohair selection and grading, genetics, animal reproduction, livestock management.

Courses Taught

ASCI 3240 Wool and Mohair Selection and Grading
ASCI 3443 Genetics of Livestock Improvement
ASCI 4248 Reproductive Techniques
ASCI 4344 Animal Reproduction
ASCI 4342 Sheep and Goat Science
ASCI 6339 Advanced Reproductive Physiology
ASCI 6345 Livestock Management

  • Decreasing reproductive wastage in sheep, goats and cattle
  • Developing management practices to increase reproductive efficiency in domestic livestock species
  • Effect of nutrition on reproduction in ruminants
  • Relationship among performance test and production traits and long range management in sheep and goats
  • Meat goat performance testing

Salisbury, M. W., T. T. Ross, C. R. Krehbiel, C. L. Schultz, and L. L. Melton. 2004. Effects of protein on intake, nitrogen balance, and site and extent of digestion in whiteface wethers consuming medium-quality grass hay. J. Anim. Sci. 82:3567-3576.

Schultz, C. L., T. T. Ross, and M. W. Salisbury. 2003. The effects of supplementing ewes with D-a Tocopherol on serum and colostrum immunoglobulin G titers and Preweaning lamb performance. Sheep and Goat Res. J. 18:96-100.

Salisbury, M.W., T.T. Ross, C.R. Krehbiel, L.L. Melton, C.L. Schultz, and D.M. Hallford. 2000. Development and reproductive performance in Suffolk and whitefaced lambs consuming medium-quality forage and supplemented with two levels of undegradable intake protein. Sheep & Goat Res. J. 16(2): 37-45

Other Activities

  • Wool and Mohair Judging Team
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