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Avoid the Freshman 15: The Keys to Staying Healthy in College

How much do you know about your health? Are you fit? Are you eating properly? Are you training correctly? Are you maximizing your full potential? In this interactive course, students will learn about healthy diet, supplements, and the normal values of various health/fitness markers (such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, cardiopulmonary fitness, BMI, body composition/body fat, bone mineral density, cholesterol level, and muscle strength/endurance). Students will have hands on experience in testing some of those markers to assess their own health and fitness level. The instructor will further provide guidance to improve students’ health and fitness, or direct the students to proper health professionals as needed. You only have one life to live. Let’s take control and make the most of it!


F 16


TR 3:30-4:20


You-jou Hung


Physical Therapy
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