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Zombies and Brains

Zombies are everywhere! They have invaded movies, television, video games, and print media and it appears only a shot to the head will stop them. We seem to love these shambling, rotting, brain eating creatures. This course will explore basic neuroscience and neuroanatomy through the lighthearted (or rotting-hearted) lens of Zombies. We will watch and read zombie related media to discuss the behavioral aspects of what constitutes a zombie and relate those behaviors to actual neuroscience. The overarching goal of this course will be to focus on skills you need as a beginning college student (written communication, oral communication, and information literacy) within the context of zombies and neuroscience. The skills you develop in this course are the skills you will need in every college course.


F 40


MW 12:00-12:50


Steve Brewer


Psychology and Sociology
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