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National Park Road Trip

Do you like to explore the outdoors? Would you rather hike through a forest than wait in line at Disneyworld?  In this course, students will explore the U.S. national park system, learning about the sights and treasures of nature.  You will learn about the history of the national park system and the challenges if faces today.  You will work with a group of your peers to carefully examine one park that you would like to visit, and then plan a detailed and complete road trip to that national park.  The plan will include a reasonably accurate timeline, food, accommodations, budget, and any special gear requirements.  Ideally, it will be a plan for a trip that you can actually take during your time at ASU.  You will also learn about the ASU campus, attend campus events,and learn how to use the library for doing research.  


F 28


MW 12:00-12:50


David Bixler


Physics & Geosciences
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