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Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration Master’s Degree (M.Ed.)

This degree program is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of students, who may potentially come from across the array of undergraduate majors and who seek entry into the coaching, sport, recreation and fitness administration career fields. All applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university, and all applicants are evaluated on an individual basis. Our program is an academic/professional development degree. It is an extremely hands-on, applied and experiential-based program, designed to:

  • Increase the knowledge and competencies of each graduate student in his/her chosen area of specialization
  • Foster a spirit of inquiry by encouraging original and independent thought
  • Acquaint each graduate student with techniques of reading, understanding and research
  • Foster intellectual, professional and personal development through a wide range of applied courses, activities, opportunities and experiences
  • Provide developmental experiences in program design, program implementation, program promotion and organizational communication
  • Develop professional oral and written communication skills
  • Encourage graduate students to become actively involved in their communities and professional fields 


Master of Education in coaching, sport, recreation and fitness administration


Depending on their area of specialization, our graduates are qualified for careers in:

  • Fitness industry, resort and tourism industry
  • Athletic administration
  • Coaching at all levels
  • Facility management, turf management
  • Marketing and promotions, special event management
  • Instructional programming, student activities programming
  • Summer camp management
  • Athletic advising/counseling
  • Collegiate campus recreation
  • Community and municipal recreation programs
  • Military, prison, nonprofit and senior recreation programs
  • Progress to doctoral degree programs

Program Highlights

  • All our students join approved professional associations and participate in our Student Professional Development Club, including volunteer activities and attending professional association conferences.

  • We offer a wide array of research topics and opportunities.

  • Many of our students have their research and other writings published in regional and national industry journals and have presented their work at numerous conferences, workshops, clinics and symposiums.

Admission Requirements

  • All college and university transcripts
  • A writing sample that should include three paragraphs explaining:
    • Why you want to be accepted into the program
    • What you will bring to the program
    • What you expect to get out of the program
  • Résumé (used to evaluate pre-professional competencies)
  • Three letters of recommendation

Note: The GRE is NOT a requirement for enrollment, although it may be necessary for evaluation of international students.


Hold a bachelor’s degree in any academic concentration with a GPA of 2.75 or better, including all grades on repeated courses – or hold a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.0 or better in the last 60 hours of undergraduate work.

Note: There are no set application dates. We evaluate potential graduate students year round. The dates listed below are recommended deadlines to guarantee admission for the given semester.

Application Deadlines

Spring: December 1

Fall: July 15

International Student Spring: November 1

International Student Fall: June 10

Degree Plan

  • All graduate students take 9 hours of core program classes. These three classes (6310, 6351, 6392) should be completed within the first 18 hours of the degree plan.

    Required Core Courses
    Courses Hours
    CSRF 6310 Sociology for Sport, Fitness and Recreation 3
    CSRF 6351 Statistics and Survey Research 3
    CSRF 6392 Professional Communications 3

    Graduate students will take 12 semester credit hours related to their chosen program concentration, Option 1: Coaching/ Sport Administration or Option 2: Recreation/Fitness Administration.

    Coaching/Sport Block Classes (Choose 4 courses)
    Courses Hours
    CSRF 6304 Coaching Psychology  3
    CSRF 6307 Athletic Administration    3
    CSRF 6325 Philosophy & Ethics in Sport, Fitness, and Recreation 3
    CSRF 6326 Coaching Administration 3
    CSRF 6329 Athletic Academic Advising/Counseling 3
    CSRF 6341 Athletic - Academic Performance Enhancement 3
    CSRF 6346 Human Kinetics 3
    CSRF 6361 Administration of Athletic Academic Units 3
    CSRF 6365 Coaching Science in Strength and Conditioning 3
    CSRF 6367 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injury 3
    CSRF 6377 Sport Publications & Graphic Design 3
    CSRF 6381 Special Topics 3


    Recreation/Fitness Block Classes (Choose 4 courses)
    Courses Hours
    CSRF 6316 Recreation Program Administration 3
    CSRF 6319 Outdoor Education and Summer Camp Administration         3
    CSRF 6324 Sport, Fitness, and Recreation for Special Populations 3

    CSRF 6333 Sport and Recreation for People with Disabilities


    CSRF 6334 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation

    CSRF 6349 Community Health Strategies 3
    CSRF 6357 Health and Wellness Promotion 3
    CSRF 6366 Exercise Assessment and Program Design 3
    CSRF 6377 Sport Publications and Graphic Design 3


    Open Elective Courses for either option (Choose 5 courses)*
    Courses Hours
    CSRF 6301 Instructional Strategies and Techniques 3
    CSRF 6322 Administration of Special Events 3
    CSRF 6331 Risk Management in Sport, Fitness, and Recreation 3
    CSRF 6335 Leadership Applications 3
    CSRF 6343 Sport, Health, and Fitness Facility Administration 3
    CSRF 6344 Facility Design and Operations 3
    CSRF 6355 Entrepreneurship in Sport, Recreation and Fitness 3
    CSRF 6356 Nutrition for Sport and Fitness 3
    CSRF 6371 Turf and Outdoor Resource Management 3
    CSRF 6381 Special Topics 3
    CSRF 6393 Independent Research and Readings 3
    CSRF 6394 Applied Research/Professional Project 3
    CSRF 6395 Applied Research/Professional Project Renewal 3

    *Open electives may also include classes in each block not previously taken.


  • Graduate
  • Teaching

Read this assistantship information to learn more about the availability and the application process.

  • Carr Academic Graduate Scholarships

    Carr Academic Graduate Scholarships are ASU’s premier scholarships for graduate students. Awards are based on undergraduate GPA. Students are considered for the Carr Academic Graduate Scholarship upon their acceptance into the College of Graduate Studies and Research. No application is required.

Departmental Scholarships

For a complete list of available scholarships, see the Scholarship Programs website.

  • Simpson Lifelong Learning Scholarship
    Donor Friends of Dr. Warren K. Simpson
    Eligibility Students enrolled in the Coaching, Sport, Recreation, and Fitness Administration Graduate Program at Angelo State University.
    Amount Variable
    Number Variable


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