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Dr. Ben Skipper


Department of Biology

Associate Professor
Curator, Collection of Birds, Angelo State Natural History Collections
  • Ph.D. (2013) Wildlife Science, Texas Tech University
  • M.S. (2008) Biology, University of Nebraska - Kearney
  • B.S. (2005) Wildlife Science, Auburn University
  • Ornithology
  • Biogeography
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • General Zoology
  • Animal Camouflage
  • Animal Behavior
  • Skipper, B. R., D. Kim, and C. Morris. 2020 Seasonal abundance and nutritional concentration of grassland arthropods. Western North American Naturalist 80:19-27.
  • Chodacki, G. D. and B. Skipper. 2019.  Partitioning of foraging habitat by three kingfishers (Alcedinidae:  Cerylinae) along the South Llano River, Texas, USA. Waterbirds. 42:231-236.
  • Skipper, B. and C. Boal. 2019. Nest-defense behavior of Mississippi kites in urban and exurban areas. Human-Wildlife Interactions 13:142-149.
  • Welch-Acosta, B. B. R. Skipper, and C. Boal. 2019. Comparative breeding ecology of Mississippi kite in urban and exurban areas of west Texas. Journal of Field Ornithology 90:248-257.
  • Skipper, B., C. Boal, J. Tsai, and M. Fuller. 2017. Assessment of frequency and duration of point counts when surveying for golden eagles.  Wildlife Society Bulletin 41:212-223.
  • Welch, B., C. Boal, and B. Skipper. 2017. Environmental influences on nesting phenology and productivity of Mississippi Kites (Ictinia mississipiensis).  Condor 119:298-307.
  • Skipper, B., B. Grisham, M. Kalyvaki, K. McGaughey, K. Mougey, L. Navarrete, Rondeau, C. Boal, and G. Perry. 2013. Non-overlapping distributions of feral sheep (Ovis aries) and stout iguana (Cyclura pinguis) on Guana Island, British Virgin Islands. IRCF – Reptiles and Amphibians 20:7-15.
  •  Skipper, B. and D. Kim. 2013. Provisioning rate, dietary composition, and prey selection of breeding bobolinks and grasshopper sparrows.  Western North American Naturalist 73:1-6.
  • Navarrete, L., B. Grisham, M. Kalyvaki, K. McGaughey, K. Mougey, B. Skipper, G. Perry, and C. Boal.  2013. Activity patterns of Black-necked Stilts in the British Virgin Islands.  Caribbean Journal of Ornithology 26:17-21.
  • Skipper, B. and C. Boal. 2011. Female American kestrel survives double amputation. Journal of Raptor Research 45:374-375.
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