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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Mr. Kevin Boudreaux


Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Senior Instructor
  • M.A., (1995) University of Texas at Austin
  • B.S., (1989) Louisiana State University

General Chemistry I&II - CHEM 1311/1111 & 1312/1112

Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry - CHEM 2353/2153

Organic Chemistry I&II Laboratory - CHEM 3151/3152,

The development of laboratory experiments that present students with chemical concepts and procedures conducted in the ‘real world’.  I also investigate novel, intriguing, and safe demonstrations that I and my student assistants can share with elementary schools and community science fairs. 

  • Laboratory Manual for General Chemistry 1411 (co-authored with David Carter, Nick Flynn, and Joe Velasquez, III) (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)
  • Qualitative Analysis: A Laboratory Manual for General Chemistry 1412 (co-authored with George Shankle, Delbert Tarter, and David Harlan) (2010)
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory Manual for Chemistry 3151/3152 (2006)
  • Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry Laboratory Manual (CHEM 2153) (2005)
  • Custom Edition of Experimental Chemistry (James W. Hall, Kevin A. Boudreaux, David Carter, Edith M. Osborne, Gregory Smith, Ralph Zehnder; Boston: Cengage Learning, 2015)
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