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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Dr. Steven King


Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Senior Instructor

Ph.D.  Biochemistry, (1980) University of North Carolina

B.S. Chemistry, (1968) Elon University 

Elements of Chemistry - CHEM 1305/1105

1. King SW, Wills MR, Savory J. (1981) Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric Determination of Aluminum in Blood Serum. Anal Chim Acta. 128:221-224.

2. King SW, Savory J, Wills MR. (1981) Aluminum Toxicity in Relation to Kidney Disorders. Ann Clin Lab Sci. 11(4):337-42.

3. King SW, Savory J, Wills MR. (1982) Aluminum Distribution in Serum Following Hemodialysis. Anal Clin Lab Sci. 12(2):143-9.

Teaching Philosophy:

I believe strongly that we must listen to the students when they speak about their learning. Practically, this means that creating effective open communications with students is essential. I firmly believe in asking questions and encourage students to always interrupt me or see me outside of class. Learning from one’s mistakes is a powerful tool and I emphasize how useful this and critical thinking skills are both in and out of class.

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