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Move-In Checklist

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Getting Settled

Items that we recommend you bring include:

  • masks/face coverings, hand sanitizer, gloves
  • cleaning supplies, disinfectant spray, sanitizing wipes
  • linens (bed size is long twin, 39” x 80”), blankets, comforter
  • throw rug, towels, shower curtain
  • laundry supplies, iron
  • UL rated surge protector, cell phone, desk lamp
  • food storage containers
  • classroom and office supplies

You may also want to bring a few personal items (photos, posters, plants, etc.) to make you feel more at home. We suggest you bring a locking storage box or small trunk to better secure more valuable items.

We also recommend that you bring toilet paper and other basic toiletries, as well as cleaning supplies.


All residence hall rooms have a micro-fridge unit. The micro-fridge is a combination microwave/refrigerator/freezer unit. No additional appliances for food preparation are permitted (i.e., toaster ovens, hot plates, sandwich grills, George Foreman grills, crock-pots, etc.).

You are allowed to bring certain appliances, such as coffee makers, hair dryers, air popcorn poppers, computers, TVs and audio listening devices. If you have any questions about a particular appliance, please contact the Housing and Residential Programs Office at 325-942-2035.

Do Not Bring:

  • Objects that produce excessive heat, have an open flame, or smolder (i.e. candles, incense, Scentsy®, halogen lights) constitute a serious risk for fire and are strictly prohibited in the residence halls and apartments.
  • Pets
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