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Appeal for Tuition and Fee Refund or Waiver

  • Policy Statement

    Angelo State University will review an appeal request for the refund or waiver of tuition and fees provided the student meets certain criteria established by the university. The student must submit the appeal request no later than 90 days after the end of the term for which the refund or waiver is being requested. Only one appeal is allowed to be submitted per student during their enrollment at Angelo State University.

    Tuition and Fee Refunds will be considered for the following reasons:

    • Considerations for Appeal

      Tuition/Fee Refund Appeals will be considered for the following reasons when appropriate documentation is provided:

      • Medical Withdrawal based on physical illness of the student (including hospitalization) documented by a physician’s statement or other medical support on official letterhead, and including date of onset.
      • Physical or mental illness of the student’s immediate family member (including hospitalization) who is dependent upon the student for support. Consideration will be given with submission of physician’s statement or other medical support on official letterhead, including date of onset.
      • Death of a student’s immediate family member. “Immediate family” is defined as parents, spouse, children, brother or sister (either by blood or marriage) with a certified copy of death certificate
      • Called to active duty
      • Institutional errors/delay in processes.

      Tuition/Fee Refund appeals will not be approved in the following instances:

      • Misinterpretation of University Policies and/or procedures.
      • Lack of knowledge of University Policies and/or procedures.
      • Dissatisfaction with instructor, course content, or delivery of instruction.
      • Dissatisfaction with academic progress in course.
      • Non-attendance or minimal attendance of class.
      • Non-qualification, late application, or loss of eligibility for financial aid or scholarships.
      • Voluntary acceptance of employment or other activity impacting ability to attend classes.
      • Loss of employment
  • Appeal Process

    Students must officially withdraw from courses and submit the information described below before their appeal will be considered. Appeals must be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation. All appeals will be reviewed by representatives from the Controller’s Office and the Student Accounts Office with additional information provided by Financial Aid and Registrar’s Office, as needed. You will be contacted at the email address provided in the appeal request if additional information is needed.

    Please be advised that filing a tuition appeal does not exempt your account from the assessment of collection and/or financial penalties when applicable.  Please pay tuition and fees by the due date. 

  • Submitting an Appeal

    Student Name
    Campus ID
    Email Address
    Mailing Address
    Semester for appeal
    Detailed explanation

    Submit your appeal request by mail to:
    ASU Student Accounts Office
    ASU Station #11046
    San Angelo, TX 76909

    Or in person at:
    2601 W. Avenue N
    Mayer Administration Building, Room 100
    San Angelo, TX 76909

    For other questions on Tuition and Fee Refund Appeal process, please contact the Student Accounts Office at 325-942-2008

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