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Commencement Ceremony Details,
Seating and Parking


  • Graduation Procedures

    Graduation Procedures

    • Candidates should arrive in full regalia and begin assembling in the Auxiliary Court inside the Junell Center no later than 45 minutes prior to the ceremony.
    • Banners will be posted for each college indicating where students should start lining up. Candidates will line up within each college alphabetically by last name.
    • A card with your name and honors (if applicable) will be given to you as you are lined up. The card will also include a number to indicate the order in which to line up.
    • Students will process into the arena area as directed by commencement staff and marshals.
    • Department heads will lead students to the stage by row.


    • A cap and gown are required.
    • Undergraduates wear the tassel on the right side of the cap.
    • Graduate students wear the tassel on the left side of the cap.
    • There is no specific dress code for graduation. However, we suggest that women wear a dress or skirt. Keep in mind the length of the graduation gown when choosing a dress. It is recommended that men dress in collared shirts and nice trousers. Traditionally, commencement is a formal ceremony and students tend to dress accordingly.

    Doctorate Student Hooding Procedures

    • Graduate students receiving a doctorate’s degree will have hoods placed on them by the dean of their major prior to receiving their diplomas.
    • Graduate students should neatly place their hood over their left arm for the processional into the arena.
    • When called to the stage to receive their diplomas, they should again carry the hood over their left arm and present their name card to the announcer with their right hand. The deans will then hood graduates before they receive their diplomas.

    Platform Procession

    • Students will walk up the ramp and hand their name cards to the reader at the podium.
    • If a student is receiving honor cords, the Alpha Chi sponsor will place the cords on the student.
    • Students will then proceed across the stage, shaking hands with several university dignitaries.
    • At the far end of the stage, students will receive their diploma covers and pose with President May for a professional photograph.
    • To ensure that you are properly photographed, please pause briefly as you receive your diploma from President May.
    • Hold the diploma cover in an upright position with the school seal facing the camera.
    • At the end of the ramp, the vice president of the ASU Alumni Association will present the student with an alumni packet.

    End of Ceremony

    • Students will be directed to move their tassels to the left side of their caps after everyone has crossed the stage.
    • At the conclusion of the ceremony, the music will begin and marshals will direct students out of the arena. Please remain seated until your row is released.

    Personal Belongings

    There is no storage available during the ceremony. Please leave excess items at home or with your family for safe-keeping.

  • Seating


    No tickets are issued for commencement. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please view the seating chart for more information.

    No concessions will be available during the ceremony.

    Electronic Devices (Cell Phones, Pagers, etc.) and Other Considerations

    • Please silence electronic devices when entering the Stephens Arena.
    • We know how important it is for you, your families and your friends to hear your names announced during the awarding of degrees. Therefore, we ask that air horns and other noisemakers not be used during the ceremony.
  • Parking


    Parking is available in A/B/C lots on both sides of Varsity Lane on the west side of the Junell Center. Guests may also be able to find parking in the Foster Field lot on the east side of Jackson Street.

  • Disability Information

    Disability Information

    • There are seating areas for persons with disabilities around the railing on the upper level of the Stephens Arena. Ushers will be on hand to help anyone needing assistance. A sign-language interpreter will be present at commencement.
    • Handicapped-accessible parking is available on both sides of the Junell Center.
  • Alcohol Policy

    Alcohol Policy

    • Alcohol is not permitted.
    • Anyone found in possession of alcohol will be immediately removed from the premises by on-duty police officers.


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