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Visual Identity Guidelines

Just as crests identified families of old, our logo and other marks portray who we are with an unmistakable brand. We want you to recognize the Ram Family when you see us.

Everyone can be good stewards of the Angelo State University brand by following the guidelines below. The office of communications and marketing is always available to answer your questions. Please call or email us.

  • Angelo State University Names

    Angelo State University: The official name bestowed upon the university in 1969.

    Angelo State: The short version of the name, the only difference is the removal of the word “University.”

    ASU: The abbreviated version of Angelo State University.

  • Word Marks

    Use the circled R symbol with the names below to show they are registered trademarks when using them on products, such as jackets, caps or T-shirts.



  • Intercollegiate Sports Teams

    Use the TM symbol with our intercollegiate sports team names when using in connection with products or services, such as jackets, caps or T-shirts:

    Angelo State Rams™
    ASU Rams™

    Angelo State Rambelles™
    ASU Rambelles™

    Angelo State Belles™
    ASU Belles™

    As of this date, women’s basketball and volleyball use exclusively “Belles.”

  • Logos and Other Marks


    When you use the trademarked name and logo combinations with school colors in connection with services or products, such as jackets, caps or T-shirts, these rules apply:

    Rule 1: When using two or more colors with the Angelo State University primary logo, make the horn of the ASU logo a different color than the  ASU and the spelled out version, Angelo State University.

    As shown below, the horn is meant to stand out with its own individual color.

    When using the Ram horn logo, our secondary mark as shown below, follow the same rule as for the primary logo.

     Note: Always make the eye of the Ram, shown below, the same color as ASU, Angelo State University, or the “U.”

    Rule 2: When using black and white colors in association with the Angelo State University logo the ASU horn may be the same color as the background (provided the background color is used as an outline), the ASU letters or the ASU symbol.

    Black and white version of ASU logo


    Rule 3: Never use Angelo State Marks in or with the color maroon or in a maroon and gold color combination.

    Rule 4: Never use ASU or the Angelo State Marks in connection with an image or depiction of a devil, a sunburst design, or a pitchfork.

    Other registered marks

    The same rules above apply to the colors and style used for these Angelo State University Marks.

    The Ben Kelly Center for Human Performance is sometimes referred to as the university recreation center or UREC.

    Color variations of UREC mark

    Black and white variations of UREC mark

     The University Center Program Council is also known as the UCPC, represented by the mark below.

    Color variations of UCPC mark

    Black and white variations of UCPC mark

     The Angelo State RamClub is represented by the mark below.

    Color variations of RamClub mark

    Black and white variations of RamClub mark

  • Angelo State University Seal

    The Angelo State University Seal is typically reserved for use at the discretion of the President’s Office. The diploma of each graduate, for instance, is affixed with the Official Seal in the school colors of blue and gold.

    The seal is generally approved and licensed only for upscale consumer items, such as diploma frames, pen and pencil sets, paperweights and other products that help maintain the prestige of the seal. The registered trademark symbol should be present when the seal is used in connection with services and products such as these.

    The Official Seal comes in full color, black-and-white, and blue-and-white versions.

  • Mascot Line Drawings

    A purebred Rambouillet ram, Dominic stands as a proud symbol of Angelo State University and the institution’s ties to the region and its people.


    The Dominic ram head comes in many different variations, including middle, left and right-side portfolios. These different portfolios are available in color, as well as black and white. These side versions are also registered with the Copyright office:

Identity Guidelines

  Please Don’t Do That.

If you’re unsure about use of ASU Marks, please call us at 325-942-2248. You can also email  the Office of Communications and Marketing.

We can help make the mark meet university guidelines and avoid infringing on someone else’s registered mark.

Here are some common mistakes we have had to send back to the drawing board. It’s all in the details.

What Not to Do

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