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Ordering Instructions for Angelo State Employees and Student Organizations

Please follow the instructions below if you are a:

  • University office or department
  • Registered student organization
  • Residence life group 
  • Process and Procedures

    All ASU departments, offices and groups must purchase items using ASU marks through a licensed vendor approved by ASU’s Contracting Office.

    The licensee (vendor) is responsible for submitting the product with artwork for approval to Use of University Marks must follow ASU’s Visual Identity Guidelines.

  • Making a Purchase

    When ordering products that have the ASU logo, seal, mascots, or name, please follow the below steps:

    1. Check OP 54.04 for purchasing guidelines;
    2. Check the Licensed Vendors list on the Collegiate Licensing website before you request to license a new vendor.
    3. The ASU logo, seal and logographics (mascots), and name have all been trademarked, and any item on which they appear must be purchased from a vendor licensed through ASU’s Contracting Office.
    4. Ask the licensed vendor to submit an artwork sample to your department.
    5. After your department approves the artwork, instruct the vendor to submit the artwork to the Office of Communications & Marketing by emailing for final approval and request that your department is copied on the artwork approval email.
    6. Once the artwork is approved by, create an online requisition and attach the quote from the vendor, the artwork, and email approval in OnBase.
    7. For vendors not on the approved vendor list, instruct the vendor to go to the Collegiate Licensing website and follow a few simple steps to obtain licensing.

    Your department can either wait until the vendor receives a license from Contracting Office to place an order or select another vendor from the logo approved vendor list.

    Purchasing will not approve purchase orders to unlicensed vendors.  Any Pro-Card purchase from an unlicensed vendor is prohibited.

  • Design Restrictions

    Designs containing non-Angelo State trademarks and phrases (Coke, “Just Do It,” cartoon characters, etc.) must have written permission from the copyright owner before the design will be approved.

    No reference can be made, either directly or indirectly, to any individual athlete, athletic squad, athletic team or athletic event that the university participates in as a competitive representative of the Lone Star Conference under NCAA rules and regulations.

    Images of ASU student-athletes must not be used for any purpose without approval from the director of Athletic Communications. They may not be copied or downloaded from any of ASU’s digital media, including websites, subdomains or social media channels.

    If including an additional sponsor’s name and/or logo with University Marks on products or certain advertising, the student organization’s name or residence life group’s name must be included in the design to communicate that the relationship is a partnership with a particular group and not an endorsement by the university as a whole. Approval will not be granted for sponsors who conflict with university exclusive agreements.

  • Sales of Items Bearing University Marks

    Sales Restricted to Campus Organizations and Departments:

    Registered student organizations and ASU departments may sell or give away products (such as T-shirts) that display University Marks combined with the names and logos of that organization, department or activity.

    These items must relate directly to an on-campus activity sponsored by that organization/department. Items need to be unique and not compete with products and/or artwork available in the retail market and must be reproduced accurately by a licensed vendor of Angelo State. Sales must adhere to university policy and guidelines.

  • Policy Violations

    Groups that order items from non-licensed vendors and/or without proper art approval in cases that artwork cannot be corrected (overprinted) are subject to all items being collected and destroyed and a ban on future orders of T-shirts and other products.

    For university policy applicable to student organizations and residence life groups, please refer to ASU Operating Policy 30.07: Licensing and Use of ASU Registered Names, Logos and Trademarks.

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About our trademarks

As stewards of Angelo State’s brand, we should understand and use our trademarks properly and consistently.

We must work together to ensure any products or materials bearing our marks are instantly identifiable as “Angelo State” and represent the quality, pride, and traditions for which we are known.

As we continue to gain students and visibility around the world, let’s consistently convey our professionalism and unity as the Ram Family, now and in the future.

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