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ASU Magazine Summer 2014

The newly released summer 2014 issue of Angelo State University Magazineexplores how higher education in general and ASU in particular are adapting to connect with and educate today’s students who have grown up in a world vastly different than previous generations.

In the cover story, readers will get a closer look at some of the various reasons why today’s generation of “Millennials” pose a new and different set of challenges to educators as they try to find common ground with their students.

“On the Flip Side” examines the gradually growing concept of hybrid, or “flipped,” courses that feature various new approaches to presenting course materials and assigning homework.

“Inventive Instruction” profiles the innovative teaching methods that Dr. Michael Dixon employs to hold the interest of his biology students, whether they are science majors or simply fulfilling their degree requirements.

“By Design” provides an in-depth look at ASU’s instructional designers and how they are making sure the university provides consistent and quality online courses and degree programs to the growing population of distance learners in West Texas and around the world.

The Premier Programs section features stories on inventive campus programs aimed at providing valuable supplemental education opportunities for Honors Program students and incoming freshmen.

The Reaching Tomorrow’s Students section includes stories illustrating how the newest generation of college students is affecting everything from how ASU recruits students and provides campus housing to how future teachers are educated in the Innovative Learning Lab.

The magazine’s Along the Mall section highlights several aspects of the university, including a new agriculture education facility, new art pieces recently installed on campus and the various distinguished speakers who visited campus during the spring semester.

Generous donors who contributed to major renovations of campus sports facilities are highlighted in the Athletics section, while the Alumni section introduces readers to two alumni who are facing similar challenges as they lead their respective colleges into the future.

Additionally, the magazine provides coverage of the events, people and sports activities that give ASU its rich character.

To read previous online issues of Angelo State University Magazine visit our archives. Complimentary printed copies are available from the ASU Office of Communications and Marketing at 325-942-2248 or


Summer 2014 • Vol. 7 • No. 2

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Summer 2014 Bonus Features

  • Technology Tool Belt Introducing learning technology into the classroom does not always have to be an expensive prospect.
  • Their Own Devices With virtually every student bringing at least a cell phone, and often multiple digital devices, with them to class, Angelo State faculty members face the challenge of how to make that an advantage rather than a distraction.
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